Have You Filled a Bucket?

June 12, 2020  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

Being kind is our message this week in the Junior School.  We have spent time exploring this concept as we settle back into our school routine and enjoy the company of our friends and teachers. This has to be one of my favourite messages. I shared this story during our grade meetings this week with our students in Kindergarten to Year 3. Having our younger students imagining that they have invisible buckets that can be filled or dipped in to, provided a really clear image in their minds, a really easy way for them to understand how their words, gestures and actions can impact those around them. We talked about being a ‘bucket filler’ or a ‘bucket dipper’. ‘Bucket fillers’ say kind words, are inclusive and caring and not only do they fill other peoples’ buckets, they also fill their own. Being a ‘bucket dipper’ is when someone’s words, actions and behaviours are unkind and hurtful. Not only do they empty the buckets of others, but they empty their own buckets.

This simple analogy helps children to grow in kindness, to have self-control, develop resilience and be forgiving, all contributing to their mental wellbeing.

Our Year 6 Captains reinforced this message as they shared real-life playground examples during our grade meetings this week.

For more information about how to be a Bucket Filler, visit BucketFillers101



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