Food for Thought

August 27, 2021  
Director of TIGS Prep - Mrs Naomi Sheridan

Last week, TIGS Prep children celebrated National Science Week. This year’s theme was “Food: different by design.” The intention of this year’s activities was based upon sustainability and promoting fruits and vegetables for young children. Reflecting this focus, the children were encouraged to explore broad ranges of food production through “hands on” research and discovery. It was also a great opportunity to explore the role of science in food production and sustainable agriculture.

Our children enjoyed a virtual excursion with ‘Little Scientists’, an early learning STEM program,  encouraging them to participate in a morning tea which inspires children to explore and discover food according to colour, texture, taste, smell and appearance. The children used their investigation skills to hypothesise and determine “What crunches louder, carrot or cucumber? Does the colour of a capsicum or tomato make a difference to its taste? How big is the biggest orange? Does the colour of the water change the way it tastes?”

By exploring together these wonderful activities and trying to find the answers to our questions, the children are learning that food is so much more than sustenance. Together the TIGS prep children explored the food we eat through fun investigations (using a decibel reader app to measure the crunch of cucumber vs carrot) and shared some surprising observations. This activity cultivated the children’s skills and excitement for STEM exploration whilst participating in an interactive fun experience. STEM education is so much more than factual answers to complex questions and children can learn through play and inquiry based learning, a range of skills, as well as higher order thinking skills such as analyzing, evaluating and creating.

There are so many exciting activities for the children to explore using simple items found at home and to spark their excitement in STEM learning. This weekend, why not try one of these exciting activities.

Little Scientists

Science Week Early Childhood ideas

Science Week

Food Different by Design Teacher Book

We wish all our little scientists a wonderful weekend of discovery and amazement.


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