Exciting Future Possibilities

September 10, 2020  
Head of Senior School - Mr Nick Hackett

My thoughts this week have repeatedly returned to the theme of transition. At this time in the school year, it is not uncommon to be presented with numerous reminders that the school year passes quickly. This week, I addressed our Year 12 students and provided an update regarding their Graduation Ceremony that only emphasised the reality that they are very soon going to move on from TIGS into a range of exciting future possibilities.

Our Year 11 Captains and Prefects have already been appointed and plans are well underway for them to take up the work of their Year 12 predecessors. I am excited to see what these wonderful students will bring to their respective roles.

As the year has proceeded, our Year 7 students have rapidly grown in confidence (and height!) and as they will probably tell you, I often mistake them for much older students when I engage them at recess or lunch.

One thing that doesn’t change at TIGS is the vibrancy of our school community. As one student told me this week, the thing that makes TIGS so special is the relationships. I couldn’t agree more.

Mock Trial – Round 3

This week our Year 10 Mock Trial students had the opportunity to take the reins in the third round of Mock Trial 2020. These brave students stepped up to take the places of the Year 11 team who are somewhat preoccupied of late by their Year 11 Yearly exams! The Year 10 team argued the defence for a civil matter against the formidable Woonona High School Mock Trial Team.

  • Angus was a brilliant first barrister who gave a rousing opening statement that set the tone for the trial. He objected passionately to the first witness examination-in-chief for the plaintiff.
  • Harrison continued this trajectory as the second barrister for defence. His cross-examination of the plaintiff’s second witness was focused and elicited valuable responses.
  • Amogh was a deft solicitor in how he was able to use his carefully constructed solicitor’s notes to support the barristers in putting forth a cohesive case.
  • Nicholas was a convincing witness who relied on his acting skills to bring the defendant to life.
  • Patrick almost brought the trial to tears through his sensitive portrayal as the defendant’s dear friend and main witness.
  • Sophie did a brilliant job as the Court Clerk and kept the trial running on schedule and in line with the Mock Trial Guidelines.

These six students did a brilliant job in their first time as the Mock Trial Team and I would like to congratulate them on their professionalism and courage. I am happy to report that the team WON the round in both the trial and the moot. We now await the fourth round with anticipation and excitement.


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