PYP Evaluation Success

November 12, 2021  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

Our Primary Years Programme Self Study invited us to reflect on the incredible journey that has taken place in recent years. With a focus on exploring how personalisation can be enhanced within a PYP framework allowed our community to provide their insights and feedback about the innovative changes to our programmes and practice. Last week, two external evaluators spent three days with our School community including staff, students, parents and our School Council, delving into our rich programmes of learning and pedagogy. The evaluation itself was incredibly affirming, where the success of our personalised pathways was confirmed and celebrated.   

Evaluators were particularly impressed by the contributions of our parents and students on their virtual tours into classrooms and through the Zoom discussion groups.  Students spoke with eloquence and confidence providing honest and insightful feedback about the ‘personalised pathways’ specifically, overwhelmingly expressing that they feel catered for in their learning programmes.

Other highlights included survey results:

“Well when we change math groups it gives me a chance to learn more in a different way”

“My maths teacher was great at explaining things for e.g she help me with fractions when they were tough”

“I am with people that are at my Mathematics level, and I don’t have to be pressured.”

“I don’t have to wait for people who don’t understand the concept and I am doing quite well in my maths group.”


Our insights:

We have learned that data informed practice leads to greater student agency and growth. Starting with prior knowledge and understanding and building teaching and learning programmes from there is paramount. We have developed a learning community that is agile and responsive to learner needs, one that is willing and able to reflect the learner profile attributes in their actions and initiatives and one that requires us all to inquire, be knowledgeable, reflective and action focused.

As we commence 2022, we look forward to sharing more insights from the evaluation and unpacking the focus areas for our School. I’d like to acknowledge the incredible efforts and contributions of Mrs Karen Wallace, our Director of Life and Learning K-6 and PYP Coordinator, who so expertly led our school through the Self Study Evaluation process and who works tirelessly to bring our initiatives to life.


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