Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

May 13, 2022  

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is now only a few weeks away. Our cast have been acting, singing and dancing their way through rehearsals, learning each new piece or scene with so much enthusiasm! The orchestra has been tearing through the score with a new challenge to be found in each new piece. Over the next few weeks the newly formed props and hair and makeup teams will be bringing the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to life as they transform our cast into their characters and build props. 

The most exciting part of Production is how it involves students from every year group, in every creative aspect; on the stage, in the orchestra, making and painting sets and props, doing hair and makeup of the cast or assisting backstage. It is wonderful to see these students interacting together, forming new friendships and being immersed in learning together. This year will see the largest group of students involved in the Production, with over 150 students now contributing to this vibrant display of The Arts and community culture at TIGS.

Tickets are now on sale – come and join us as TIGS presents our Production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!




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