Celebrations of learning through play

June 2, 2023  
Mrs Naomi Sheridan - Director of TIGS Prep

Celebrations of learning through play emphasise a crucial part of the development and growth of young children. Here at The Piper Centre, inviting families in to attend celebrations of learning, provides an opportunity to recognise and reinforce the achievements and progress of our youngest learners. By celebrating their learning, we acknowledge their efforts, enhance their confidence and self-esteem, and motivate children to continue their educational journey.

We are excited to create an avenue for our families to be actively involved in their child’s education where they can witness firsthand their child’s growth and learning. Providing an opportunity for our youngest learners to engage with their families and share their learning experiences through our celebration of learning open mornings, allows our children to build their confidence and showcase their play spaces.

Last week our pre-prep children, Amaroo and Cooinda, invited their families to celebrate their learning and share their morning experiences with their family members. This was a morning of exploration, delight, collaboration, discovery, investigation, excitement and happiness. The pre-prep children became leaders, navigators and effective communicators as they showcased their play spaces and actively engaged in play experiences with their family members.

We look forward to inviting family from Marana and Elanora over the coming weeks, to the celebrate the learning of our Prep children, as we continue to create positive and supportive learning environments, where children can celebrate their achievements.



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