Blessed with a strong community

September 8, 2023  
Ms Geneva Clayton - Head of Junior School

Our Junior School continues to be a hive of activity filled with many opportunities to connect as a community.  In recent weeks have invited families to join in the fun of Book Week celebrations and Father’s Day stalls and breakfasts. Our everyday connections include our parent and family volunteers who offer their assistance in the classrooms, excursions and as subject experts, generously offering their time, to enrich our programmes and our students’ school experience.  Connecting in this way allows for the development of important partnerships and reminds us of the significance of these relationships.

The sense of connection and belonging extends to the classrooms where our students feel the care and encouragement of staff to safely take risks, engage in inquiry and to extend themselves. Research confirms that a ‘sense of belonging has a strong influence on students’ academic motivation and thus is related to their academic outcomes. Students who have a strong sense of belonging also tend to be happier, have greater interest in school activities, and are more confident’. (Allen et al., 2018).

We observe exactly this, where students experience encouragement and know they are celebrated for their unique qualities, ideas and efforts. They try harder, bounce back quicker and develop an openness to understand themselves as learners, confidently forming their own personal goals and identifying their areas of strength and development. The safety of being vulnerable and asking questions, allows our students to develop a deep sense of self and an awareness of others, encouraging them to be open minded and inclusive, courageous and resilient. There is a warmth in every classroom and a gentle voice providing reassurance and guidance continually.

 ‘It takes a village to raise a child’

This African proverb has always resonated strongly with me. This proverb means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. Our TIGS village is empowering and diverse. The role of each of our community members in the development of each one of our students is significant. Every member of our school community including staff, students, parents and families play a vital role in the ‘raising’ of our children. How blessed we are to belong to such a strong community.



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