Back in the Saddle

May 20, 2022  

One evening last week, I was reflecting on the various events that I’d been discussing with staff members, students and parents during the preceding day. The list looked something like this:

  • Chess Competition 
  • RACI Crystal Growing competition (more on this below) 
  • Surfing Competition 
  • the recent Year 8 Camp 
  • upcoming Mandarin and Geography excursions 
  • the joy (and challenging logistics) of hosting hundreds of students, from across the Illawarra and beyond, in our IGC as we competed in the 2022 da Vinci Decathlon 
  • HICES Debating Competitions 
  • Wheelchair Sports Roadshow
  • the School Production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • State of the Arts
  • the reluctant cancellation of Music on the Grass 
  • Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals

It’s quite a list, but it’s in no way exhaustive! These are simply the activities under discussion on an average day in a fairly normal week at TIGS. I have no doubt that there would have been a wealth of other activities that simply didn’t come across my desk on the particular day in question. 

Interviewing new students is one part of my day to day work that I always look forward to, and as our School continues to grow, it’s a regular feature in my weekly calendar. There is something wonderful about meeting prospective new students and families and looking forward to the ways in which they will enrich our culture as they engage in the wealth of activities and opportunities on offer at TIGS. As I often say during these conversations, our day to day lessons are invariably engaging, challenging, collaborative and productive but these timetabled classes are really just the start of what TIGS life is all about.  

This fact was brought home to me earlier this week when our plans for the annual Cross Country Carnival finally came to fruition on our third attempt, after previous plans fell victim to the incredible rains we’ve been experiencing in recent months. The event, coordinated by our Head of Sports Mr Adrian Deck and enthusiastically supported by our Senior School staff team was a great success. Whilst the blue skies and ever-busy barbecue (ably managed by our Y12s raising funds for the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation) played a big part in making the day a memorable one, it was, as is always the way at TIGS, the smiles, the relationships, the humour and the sense of community that will live long in the memory.

For your information the State of the Arts (Friday, Week 5) event and Year 12 Trivia Night (Friday, Week 6) will provide further opportunities for our extended community to come together. I look forward to seeing you.


Crystal Growing Competition


Preparing for the UCI Road World Championships