ArtsFest Competition and Showcase

March 14, 2024  
Mr Brody Toombs - Head of The Arts

Each year, The Illawarra Grammar School holds the ArtsFest Competition. This is a House based competition that allows the creativity within the Senior School to shine.

ArtsFest aims to inspire, educate and entertain students and gives students a creative platform to express themselves. The practical application of creative thinking comes alive as many students gain vocational skills in activities like writing scripts, planning choreography, film making, creating original film scores, makeup, creating collaborative artworks, composing music, planning and scheduling rehearsals, designing and sewing costumes and of course performing.

ArtsFest Showcase: 5.30pm – 7.00pm, Friday 5 April, IGC

Outstanding works from the Competition are selected to perform in the ArtsFest Showcase. Held on Friday 5 April, the Showcase is open to the public to see some of the wonderful works by TIGS students.

No tickets are required for the event. However, we do ask that audience members make a gold coin donation to help our fundraising efforts. EFTPOS facilities will be available on the night if you would prefer to donate electronically.

Fundraising for Nganambala

During the ArtsFest Showcase, we raise funds for Nganambala, a remote First Nations community in the heart of the Northern Territory where we have a sister school.

The Illawarra Grammar School visits the community annually as part of our service program, with students from Year 11 getting the chance to meet and spend time with members of the community.

In 2023, we were able to raise enough money to purchase a defibrillator for the community and school, so they can provide potentially lifesaving treatment to members of the community while waiting for emergency assistance to arrive.

This year, we are fundraising for a women’s arts initiative called ‘The Colour Story’. The program, facilitated by Kellie Gheradi, is wellness based and aims to bring the community together using traditional knowledge and skills to create artworks and clothing items. Currently, participants in the program are limited in what they can make, due to the long distances required to travel for some materials. They will use donated funds towards a small ATV buggy to help them gather the materials they need for the program to continue.

We look forward to seeing you at the ArtFest Showcase to help us celebrate the vibrant Arts culture at The Illawarra Grammar School.


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