A Wonderful Place

June 10, 2021  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

This week, I have had the pleasure of once again escorting prospective families on several tours of our school. I love this part of my work because I have the opportunity to see our community through fresh eyes as our visitors respond to our School in action. I’d like to share some of the things that they routinely notice.

“Students are on task and engaged”

A common observation is how settled and on-task, our students are in class. This is just the norm here at our School. Our teachers are not having to manage behaviour so learning can occur, but in the main can focus their attention on designing authentic and engaging learning opportunities for their students. Second to this is the way our students can without exception explain what they are learning as well as why, when I ask them to talk to our visitors. This ownership and obvious participation in learning is frequently such a significant characteristic commented on by visitors and a very important strength of the TIGS experience.

“Staff are friendly and happy”

Our staff move around campus or are in classrooms looking happy to be here. They greet visitors, students and each other with a smile and are welcoming and ready to speak about the great work that happens here each day. Again, we expect and are used to this, for some visitors it is a real strength and point of difference.

“Positive interactions and obvious relationships between staff and students”

The relational strengths of our School is frequently noted and commented on. It is obvious that our students are known and cared for, the warmth of relationships between students and their teachers is apparent and impressive. We know that students achieve success when they feel known and cared for, this is deeply embedded in our wellbeing and academic approach. Our schools feels happy, even though everyone is working hard, being challenged and focussed on the serious business of learning,

“Beautiful grounds and facilities”

The saying that “familiarity breeds contempt” is true, but when I listen to visitors exclaiming about the views towards the escarpment, our beautiful gardens and campus and the facilities that are available for all of us at TIGS, I am reminded that our School is truly a beautiful place in which we work and learn each day

After I am reminded of these things, there is an appropriate response required and this is one of gratitude.

Thank you to our students for your energy and interest and passion for your learning and all of the other activities that happen on campus here each day.

Thank you to our staff for the effort that you put into growing and developing strong relationships and into designing and delivering fantastic learning.

Thank you to our property and support staff for the way you ensure that our campus looks and feels safe, orderly and beautiful 


Thank you to our parents for your support and trust in us.

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