A warm welcome and introduction to the new Director of TIGS Prep

August 6, 2021  
Director of TIGS Prep - Mrs Naomi Sheridan

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Naomi Sheridan. I am the new Director of TIGS Prep. I have built an extensive career dedicated to early childhood education spanning over 20 years. I view early childhood as a sensitive and rapid growth period for young children. I believe exposure to high quality learning environments and responsive teachers can have a positive impact on a young child’s life long successful learning journey.

While working as a casual early childhood teacher at TIGS for the past 2 years, I saw first-hand the beautiful learning environments and the nurturing and caring relationships educators develop with the children. I also admired the connections they foster with TIGS families, building a sense of community for many years ahead. I was immediately drawn to this academic, caring and Christian learning community and I feel extremely blessed to feel a sense of belonging within the wider TIGS community.

I am currently still on my learning journey as a PhD candidate, studying a Dr of Philosophy at the University of Wollongong. My thesis focuses on attachment relationships between educators and young children in early childhood education and care environments and looking at the impact of technology.

As a teacher working in the early childhood education space, I have had a key interest in attachment theory and wanted to further investigate how young children form relationships with key educators, with a focus on brain development, theory and digital technology. The pandemic has forced teachers and educators globally, to adopt digital technology not only for teaching and learning, but to now also maintain connections and relationships with young children. 

My research will explore how early childhood educators are using technology to maintain and build relationships. Now as a Director, I am excited to share my research and look at attachment theory through a digital lens.

My previous roles have included being a Director of a Long Day Care service and early childhood teacher. I am an active member of the teaching community, where I am an academic/lecturer at Shellharbour TAFE teaching the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth – 5years) as well as a NESA supervisor mentoring new graduate early childhood teachers from graduate to proficiency.

I look forward to the future at TIGS Prep, showcasing our vision of learning.


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