A Visiting Scholar

June 20, 2024  
Rev James Rogers - Deputy Principal

On Monday, the School was visited by the Rev Dr Michael Jensen. Dr Jensen is the Rector of St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point. He previously taught Theology and Church History at Moore Theological College, and completed his doctorate at Oxford University, which was published as Martyrdom and Identity: The Self on Trial. Dr Jensen has published several other books, including Reformation Anglican Worship, and My God, My God – Is it possible to believe anymore? He is on the board of Publica, a Christian research and public policy organisation, and podcasts with Megan Powell du Toit at With All Due Respect.


Dr Jensen was involved in a range of activities during the day. He conducted a seminar with Year 12 students on the ideas contained in his recently published book, Subjects and Citizens, which aims for a Christ-centred vision for politics. Dr Jensen engaged the students in a lively debate about the place of religion in politics. He was impressed with the astuteness of our students’ insights and their willingness to express personal views about very complex topics.


A similar session was conducted for teaching staff in the afternoon. In this seminar, Dr Jensen unpacked one of the key arguments of his book: that government is a good gift from God and, as such, those who govern deserve our respect. Dr Jensen was also careful to define the limits of government. It is not absolute; only the lordship of Jesus demands our total allegiance. Even so, those who follow Jesus will be characterised by a positive approach to, and hopeful stance towards, the business of government.


During the day, the Principal’s Heads team enjoyed a conversation with Dr Jensen about what it means for a School to be distinctly Anglican. Heads were privileged to draw upon Dr Jensen’s extensive research into Anglican theology and praxis. It was an enriching time.


Dr Jensen’s visit to our School was a part of our commitment to securing our Christian foundations. You may remember in Issue 2 of the Term II newsletter, Dr Greenhalgh unveiled the Colonnade Model which explains what is distinctive about a TIGS education. The Colonnade model shows clearly that our Christian foundations are the bedrock upon which all else stands. It was good to spend time this week in the company of Dr Jensen considering this important aspect of our School.


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