A time for courage, discovery and self-reflection

November 11, 2022  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

A busy term continues in the Junior School. The chance to reconnect as a school community has taken many different forms and we are thrilled that parents, carers and special guests are able to attend the various events and showcases of learning. Our Celebrations of Learning continue to provide a first hand glimpse into the Junior School classrooms, where our students proudly share their new insights and discoveries. Attendance at our assemblies has allowed our students to perform and present in front of an audience and to be acknowledged for their hard work through the dissemination of awards.  

Welcome to Junior School

This week we welcomed many new families to the Junior School during our Orientation Day on Thursday. The morning had all students, ‘Bumping Up’ to their new grades. All students, Kindergarten through to Year 6, had a fabulous morning exploring their new classes and it was heartwarming to see how our students welcomed new friends into their cohorts.


Camp time

Excursions and incursions have also been a highlight for our young learners. This time of the year presents our students with many opportunities to apply their skills and test their courage and spirit of adventure as they head to camps, and for many this will be their very first one!  

Our Outdoor Education programme is carefully designed to ensure that our students have every opportunity to safely participate in experiences that enhance their wellbeing, build and encourage a collaborative culture where students are celebrated for their unique contributions and personal gains, and where the creation of memories takes place that last a lifetime. We thank all of our Stage 2 and Stage 3 staff for their dedication in ensuring the camps are a huge success.


Finishing well

As we draw closer to the final weeks of the school year, I want to remind our students about the importance of upholding our high standards in their presentation, uniform and general behaviour. Shortly, Year 5 students will enter the process of Junior School Captain recruitment for 2023. We encourage all of our Year 5 students to participate in this process and look forward to the Junior School students voting for these important positions.


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