A strong start in TIGS Prep

March 9, 2023  

Our focus in Pre-Prep and Prep this term has been on helping the children to settle in, build relationships with their educators and peers, feel safe and supported in the Prep environment and to help the children feel a sense of belonging.


It has been delightful to get to know the children through deep and meaningful conversations as they explore and discover through play, all that our play spaces and outdoor environment has to offer. They are discovering their identities as they learn about who they are, and in particular how they can be kind to themselves and each other.

We are excited to see where their inquiring minds take us, as we discover and learn together throughout the year ahead.



We have been reading stories about families and how special they all are. Each Pre-Prep child has brought in a family photo to add to our Belonging Wall and completing their own hand drawn representation of their family photo in their learning journals. We have been learning about the zones of regulation — Happy, Sad, Silly and Angry. Amaroo children have loved expressing their emotions through a range of Art learning engagements. The children engage every day in a range of activities which are planned, prepared, and implemented based on their interests and strengths. Having a room that is aesthetically pleasing and inviting, encourages the children to learn, socialise, share, and build confidence and independence.

We love the way Amaroo children have settled in as we see them smiling and greeting the educators each morning as they look forward to another great day in TIGS Prep.



We have continued to get to know the children through warm interactions, noting their interests, development and emerging skills. Interests observed are a springboard to our planning and provocations and are highlighted in our curriculum. In a very short time, we can already see personalities blooming and lots of learning taking place.

As part of our social and emotional learning, the children have been enhancing their understanding of the zones of regulation and learning how to use new strategies to ‘come back to the green zone’. The zones of regulation also encourage the children to use their problem-solving skills as they engage in new strategies and calming techniques.



We focused initially on ‘ourselves’ and how we can be kind to others, listening to stories and engaging in thoughtful conversations. The children have drawn self-portraits and revisited these images in small groups to talk about what else they could add and what details are missing that would enhance their portrait, leading to more focused drawings taking place.

We have been engaging in a variety of creative experiences that enhance fine motor skills and develop thinking, particularly ‘loose parts’ which are a key design element in our play spaces used to explore and express ideas. This has led to the creation of patterns and images, sorting and the exploration of balance.

We look forward to the year ahead in TIGS Prep and we are excited to share in the children’s delight as they learn together through play.



Learning through service


Year 10 History excursion – Sydney Jewish Museum