A message from the Captains

August 13, 2021  
2021 School Captains - Xia Lian Wilson, Xavier Do, Daniel Michelmore, Sally Lefoe

On behalf of the captains, we’d love to give a shout-out to the Year 12 cohort as we prepare for alternative trial exams next week. We know that this is not the term anyone expected, and has come with plenty of challenges for our academic and personal lives. However, our cohort is strong, and we will persevere in the best way we know how, together. 

We’d like to thank our teachers, who have supported us in and outside online classrooms. You have made us laugh and helped us remain connected with Mr Hackett’s ‘Zoom Coffee Breaks’. We look forward to celebrating the completion of our final year with you, made all the more sweeter for the struggles we have (and will continue to) triumph over. 

Good luck Year 12, and know that no matter what uncertainties we are yet to face, we will always have each other’s backs.


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