New Pre-K Program Launching 2027

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Why TIGS Prep

Outstanding Preparation for Kindergarten

Outstanding Preparation for Kindergarten

At TIGS Prep, we provide a diverse and considered program, encouraging independent learning and facilitating exploration of academic and creative activities. You can know that your child will enter Kindergarten as prepared as possible, having gained school-like experience in a setting of structured play and socialisation. We balance an academic focus with age-appropriate fun to deliver the ideal transition into a lifelong love of learning.

Approach to Learning

Approach to Learning

Our TIGS Prep approach to education focuses on respect, responsibility and community. It is an exciting approach to learning that allows students to understand the world around them with great depth, cultural understanding and an ability to think independently.

Dedicated Learning Spaces

Dedicated Learning Spaces

TIGS Prep is located in the Piper Centre on The Illawarra Grammar School campus. We have four learning classrooms and an art studio. Your child will belong to one of the three classes – Cooinda, Marana and Elanora – named using the Dharawal Indigenous community language. We also have dedicated music and language spaces for children to explore new skills and interests. Our soft play areas and outdoor play areas provide the perfect space for your child to have fun and socialise in a safe environment.

Exciting Specialist Programs

Exciting Specialist Programs

TIGS Prep offers an exciting range of specialist programs. Children are taught foundation skills which foster their interest, imagination and confidence at an age where rich learning experiences are vital for brain development. The programs offered at TIGS Prep are:

  • Music
  • Movement
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Arts
  • French

Safe Nurturing Environment

Safe Nurturing Environment

In line with the School’s Academic, Christian and Caring foundational values, we run a Prep Program that nurtures your child as an individual and sets them up to be a considerate and well-rounded young person. Children who come along to TIGS Prep are guided through structured play and begin to harness the joy of curiosity in an inclusive and encouraging space.

Extended Hours

Extended Hours

All children attend our program during the core learning hours of 9.30am – 3.00pm. However, families have the option to choose arrival and departure times that best suit their needs between 7.30am – 5.30pm. Please note these hours will change in 2027 with the launch of the new Pre-K Program.

How Our Program is Changing

In 2027, The Illawarra Grammar School will launch a Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) program which will more closely align our 4-year-old program with our Junior School.

During this time of transition, we will phase out our Pre-Prep offering for 3 year olds with it officially coming to a close at the end of 2025.

Please note that Pre-K will not receive the Child Care Subsidy, and will be school hours, term time only.

The main features of the change are as follows:

  • Pre-Prep (3 year old) will remain unchanged in 2025
  • Pre-Prep (3 year old) will not be offered in 2026
  • Prep (4 year old) will remain unchanged in 2025 and 2026 – applications open
  • Pre-K (4 year old) will launch in 2027 for children in the year before they commence Kindergarten

Please note: 4-5 year old children who come through our Prep program in 2026 but who are too young to commence Kindergarten in 2027, a one-off opportunity will exist in 2027 to repeat Pre-K and then start Kindergarten in 2028.



Specialist Program

A Day at TIGS Prep

 A day at TIGS Prep sees your child develop their knowledge and understanding of the world through play and carefully crafted program that spark their imagination and curiosity about the world.

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