Are You a High Performer?

The Illawarra Grammar School offer various scholarships to existing and external students from Year 5 to Year 11. These scholarships range from the Arts to Academic Excellence and General Excellence. We provide students with the opportunity and encouragement to excel across a broad range of passions with reductions of up to 75% off tuition fees for entry into Year 7 to Year 11. In exceptional circumstances, a higher percentage may be awarded at the Principal’s discretion.

Available Scholarships

Interested in finding out more?

Our Scholarship Information Booklet provides further information on scholarship types, eligibility, scholarship examinations, auditions and how to apply.



Apply for a Scholarship

Scholarship applications are accepted between October and March each year and are awarded in June/July.

Scholarships for 2021 are now open.

Applications close:  Thursday 9 April 2020 

Examination date:   Saturday 30 May 2020




International Students