Investing In Your Child’s Future

An education at TIGS will see your child achieve their academic best, learn inherent Christian values and enjoy global opportunities. Our alumni has gone on to become high achievers in a range of disciplines, from pilots to CEOs, Olympic gold medallists to film producers. Our students thrive in a community founded on Christian values and make the most of a rigorous learning environment. Children are nurtured during their time at TIGS and graduate as globally-minded individuals confident in their ability to achieve their goals.

Fees are estimates and do not allow for Scholarship, Bursaries and other Concessions or opt-in ancillary charges. Please refer to the Schedule of Fees & Charges for a full list.

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Scholarship Opportunities

We offer various scholarships to existing and external students from Year 5 to Year 11. These scholarships include Academic, The Arts and General Excellence. Enquire today to discover more about our scholarships opportunities at TIGS.



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