Working at TIGS

Join our School in its next exciting phase.


At TIGS we believe in a holistic education that places wellbeing and Christian values at its core. 

Our students are empowered to achieve — becoming leaders of character and resilience — through a depth of experience across academics, arts, sport, community service, outdoor education and cultural learning. 

Career Opportunities

Director of Studies - Senior School

Join our Senior School leadership team and pioneer excellence in pedagogy and academic success.

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Director of Cocurricular Program - Senior School

Lead the way in shaping vibrant student experiences at our School.

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Junior School STEM Coordinator

Let your passion for STEM shine as the Junior STEM Coordinator at our School.

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Casual Junior School Teachers

Opportunities for Casual Junior School Teachers.

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Casual Preparatory Educator

Opportunities for Casual Preparatory Education.

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Casual Senior School Teachers

Opportunities for Casual Teaching in Year 7 to Year 12

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Principal’s Welcome

The Illawarra Grammar School is a unique and dynamic community focussed on student learning success, underpinned by a culture of care and strong relationships. Building on our over 60-year tradition of academic excellence, strong care and authentic community, we are currently entering an exciting phase of growth with a new strategic and campus plan to commence in 2024. We are looking to expand our team with positions available in both leadership and teaching roles.

By joining the TIGS team, you will work on a beautiful campus and interact with curious, energetic and compassionate students who value learning and want to achieve. Your colleagues are dedicated, experienced and collegial. You will be supported to grow through exceptional professional development opportunities and you will have the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways to the academic and holistic learning experience that is TIGS.

TIGS values the partnership we have with families to nurture and develop skilled, knowledgeable and articulate young people who are equipped and confident to go out into the world and make a difference. We rely on the very best educators to achieve these aspirations for our students.

We invite you to apply to join our expert team.

Dr Julie Greenhalgh


TIGS graduates are empowered and confident to take their place in the world as leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, carers, creators and thinkers. They exhibit a strong sense of self, a desire to contribute to and care for others, and the attributes and skills to make a difference.”

Benefits of Working at TIGS

The Illawarra Grammar School is a Christian School for students Pre-K to Year 12, located in the beautiful Illawarra region of the south coast of NSW.

Working at this School means belonging to a professional, collaborative and dedicated team of Teaching Staff or Professional and Administrative Staff who care for the students and who are passionate about their disciplines. With more than one hundred permanent teaching staff and ninety permanent support staff, Illawarra Grammar is a diverse, busy and vibrant professional environment.

The average service of a teacher at Illawarra Grammar is over 11 years. Staff members have a commitment to the School and its students that leads to solid retention rates.

Professional development

Professional development at Illawarra Grammar is a priority and well funded. The School also provides staff study grants to enable further postgraduate study.

The Deputy Principal provides teacher accreditation support and guidance through the accreditation process.

Because the students are respectful and well-mannered, teachers waste very little time on discipline issues. This enables teachers to hone their teaching skills and concentrate on effective pedagogy.

Plentiful and current teaching resources are easily available to staff.

A personal laptop is provided for all members of the teaching staff.

Class sizes are capped at 20 in Pre-Kindergarten and in Kindergarten, and at 24 from Year 1 onwards.

Attractive remuneration

We offer competitive salaries, and superannuation benefits of 11.0%. The School also provides many leadership opportunities for staff, and these opportunities usually attract a leadership allowance.

Salary sacrifice benefits

The School offers permanent staff a variety of salary sacrifice benefits including mobile phones that are exempt from FBT. In addition, all staff can contribute tax-effective additional superannuation contributions (above the compulsory Employer contribution).

Staff health and wellbeing

The School provides staff the option of an onsite influenza vaccination program free of charge.

We also provide a comprehensive and independent Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP offers short-term counselling either in face-to-face sessions, over the phone or via video conferencing. The counselling approach is designed to help clarify problems, identify solutions and develop plans for the future that include ways to approach difficult situations positively and constructively.

A fitness room is also accessible outside school hours.

The School Council provides three Gift days (in addition to statutory leave) for Professional and Operational staff.

There is an onsite canteen and a Staff Common Room with fruit provided by the School.

The classrooms are comfortable and airconditioned.

There are occasional staff morning teas, and an annual Christmas lunch provided by the School Council.

School fee concessions

The School offers generous fee reduction and priority enrolment to staff, with access to our before and after school care services.

Please note: All staff benefits provided are subject to government regulation, School budgets, policies and the on-going approval of the School Board.

Three Schools, one campus. 

Located within one campus, our TIGS Pre-K, Junior School and Senior Schools work cohesively to deliver outcomes that place us as the highest achieving non-selective school in the region.

TIGS provides a continuous educational experience from Pre-K to Year 12 that is united by an evidence-based and student-centred philosophy optimised to deliver learning programmes appropriate to their students’ developmental level. 


TIGS Pre-K uses the natural curiosity and creativity of children to design engaging learning experiences. With dedicated learning spaces for each age group and an integrated programme of specialist classes, our Prep programme allows students to transition confidently into Kindergarten.

Junior School 

TIGS Junior School has developed an innovative and personalised learning programme that caters to the individual needs of students. With differentiated mathematics and literacy groupings in place, the Junior School delivers an increasingly flexible and personalised model of education. 

Senior School

Our Senior School starts with the premise that students are active participants in their own learning and that they have agency over their educational experience. Delivering the NESA curriculum with a focus on teacher impact, feedback and reflection, our students have the exact levels of support and challenge for optimal growth.

In the Senior School our systems of mentoring and pastoral care allow us to combine quantitative and qualitative data to develop a deep understanding of each student holistically. We understand the ambitions, passions, strengths and weaknesses of our students, so that we can not only deliver exceptional educational outcomes but guide them towards a strong future.

Living in Wollongong

Bounded on all sides by stunning natural beauty, Wollongong offers unparalleled opportunities to live and enjoy life.

Located in Dharawal country and named after the five islands that lie just off the coast, Wollongong is a harbour city and the third largest city in New South Wales. Experience the best of both worlds, with all the amenities and convenience of a big city, while retaining the friendliness and easy lifestyle of a small town. Home to award winning restaurants, cafes and bars, also regularly hosting major sporting or entertainment events, Wollongong is the place you can do as much, or as little as you please. 

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Recruitment Process

TIGS is an equal opportunities employer. We seek to appoint highly motivated and qualified, Christian staff who are committed to excellence and able to contribute to our academic programmes and the broader life of the School.  To achieve this, TIGS undertakes the following recruitment process:



2.  APPLICANTS FOLLOW THE ‘HOW TO APPLY’ Instructions on the tigs website


4.  Applications are reviewed by a selection PANEL

5. applicants are shortlisted


For teaching positions, applicants will be required to present a demonstration lesson.


8.  Unsuccessful applicants are informed