About TIGS


The Illawarra and the world need new types of leaders, at work, within the community, and at home. This new generation of leaders calls for an enhanced set of skills and intelligences that a curriculum-only approach cannot provide. We need leaders who can stand against the headwinds of life. We need leaders of character and curiosity, compassion and connection, critical thinking and courage.

To take students from strength to strength, a school needs to be consistent, creative, and customised.

The Illawarra and the world need strong leaders.

Strong leaders need a strong school.

The Illawarra Grammar School aims to nurture and educate young people in accordance with the doctrines, tenets, beliefs and teachings of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney.

TIGS Mission Statement

The achievement of Academic excellence in a Caring environment that is founded on Christian belief and behaviour, so that students are equipped to act with wisdom, compassion and justice as faithful stewards of our world.


“De Virtute in Virtutem” – From Strength to Strength

From Psalm 84:7


Senior Staff

The staff at The Illawarra Grammar School are hard-working, generous and competent. They earnestly desire the best learning environment for the students in their care.


The Leadership Team at the School is as follows:


Principal – Dr Julie Greenhalgh
Deputy Principal – Rev James Rogers
Chaplain – Rev Dave Binggeli
Business Manager – Mr Allan Munroe
Director of Marketing – Mrs Emma Deacon
Director of Property – Mr Matt Field


Junior School
Head of Junior School – Ms Geneva Clayton
Deputy Head of Junior School (Administration) – Ms Natasha Hutchins
Deputy Head of Junior School (Curriculum) – Mrs Karen Wallace


Senior School
Head of Senior School – Mr Nick Hackett
Head of Academic and Pastoral Care – Mrs Naomi Sullivan
Head of Academics – Mr Chris Breheny


Other Senior Staff are as follows:


Junior School
Director of Prep – Mrs Naomi Sheridan
Early Stage One Coordinator – Mrs Kylie Cook
Stage One Coordinator – Mr Oscar Jorgensen-Hull
Stage Two Coordinator – Mrs Lennea Grace
Stage Three Coordinator – Mrs Rebecca Young
Academic Support Coordinator – Mrs Vanessa Avery


Senior School

Head of Academic Support – Mrs Lisa Hughes
Head of Biblical Studies – Mr Tynan Williams
Head of English – Mr Tim Murray
Head of HSIE – Mrs Kate Woolnough
Head of Languages – Ms Kate Johns
Head of Library – Mr Adam Foxall
Head of Mathematics – Mr Andrew Tome
Head of PDHPE – Mrs Kylee Lane
Head of Performing Arts – Mr Brody Toombs
Head of Science – Mrs Kerri Baird
Head of Sport and Outdoor Education – Mr Adrian Deck
Head of TAS – Mr Stephen Brigham
Dean of International Students – Mrs Shao-Ping Yeh



Strategic Plan



Strong Success
Strong Futures

Our 2023 graduates are an exceptional group of students who achieved outstanding results in this year’s HSC. They are to be commended for their growth across all areas of their learning at TIGS. We invite you to share in their stories of success in the academic realm, and celebrate their talents and achievements in creative and performing arts. We congratulate the Class of 2023 who are ready to take on the world! We are confident that your achievements will inspire future generations of strong students at TIGS.

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Our History

The Illawarra Grammar School was founded in 1959 through the concerted efforts, vision and energy of the late Bishop Gordon Begbie and a dedicated band of ‘founding parents‘ who firmly believed in the need for a regional Anglican School to be based in the Illawarra.

The vision and philosophy of those families to fully develop young people spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically in order that they might enter society with strong Christian foundations to lead and serve are still followed today.

TIGS Through the Years


From humble beginnings where 28 students sat in the School Hall of St Mark’s Anglican Church, in February 1959, TIGS now has over 900 students from Pre-Preparatory to Year 12. This kind of long term growth and expansion is only made possible with the considered governance of the School Council, who oversee the School’s Mission and Strategic Vision. The School Council are not involved with the day-to-day activities of the School, but rather ensure that the overarching policies and frameworks are rigorous and accountable. The majority of Council members are elected by the Synod, and have a wide range of experience in professional and community leadership.


Working at TIGS

We are an Anglican independent school situated near Wollongong, renowned as a dynamic educational centre focused on forming capable, self-confident young individuals. As a co-educational school, we encourage our students to build lasting relationships, and provide a warm learning environment where children benefit from our core values to be academic, Christian and caring.

We are an equal opportunities employer, seeking to appoint suitably qualified staff who are committed to excellence in their work and the ethos of our School. Whether in the classroom or administration – we seek those who can contribute to our academic programmes and embrace the broader life of the School. Employment screening of applicants will apply.

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