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International Mindedness,
Individualised Experience.

At TIGS, we understand the importance of the School environment on your child’s personal development. Feel confident that your child won’t be lost in the crowd at TIGS. We get to know and care for each student’s needs on a deep and personal level and our goal is to help your child identify their gifts and nurture their passions, so they feel inspired to make a difference in their world, leaving TIGS as confident, capable young people.

A unique quality of TIGS is the fact that we understand and emphasise wellbeing and pastoral care. Knowing this is critical to each student’s personal success. Your child achieving their academic best is equally important to us as your child’s all-round wellbeing, and creating an environment where they feel known, cared for and supported. From TIGS Prep through to Year 12, we keep a watchful eye over your child to ensure they receive the right care and support they need through every stage of their young lives.

Overall wellbeing for academic success

We know your child will achieve their best when they feel safe, supported and understood. This is why our school has student wellbeing as a core focus. Our dedicated Directors of Student Wellbeing works closely with other teachers throughout the school to ensure every child is being carefully supported, and then prioritised to receive pastoral care if needed. This includes looking out for learning needs, counselling, psychological services and speech or occupational therapy – all services which we provide on campus.

Student Wellbeing

Student Leadership

The leadership and personal skills developed during a students time at TIGS are attractive not only to Universities but also to future employers. Universities are increasingly seeking Year 12 students who are well-rounded and can demonstrate the development of personal attributes and involvement in learning experiences beyond the classroom. Students at TIGS have the opportunity to participate and serve their community in one of our many Leadership opportunities. These roles begin in Junior School with the Junior School Captains and School Leaders in Year 6. Students in Senior School can serve in Year 10 and Year 12 in the positions of School Captains, Vice School Captains, Prefects, House Captains, Chapel Prefects and more.


The Goodhew Research Centre (Library)

The Goodhew Research Centre (Library)

This facility is a hub of activity for all students from TIGS Prep through to Senior School. This space is easily adaptable to meet the study requirements of our students and allows them easy access to our Library resources.

Agile Classrooms

Agile Classrooms

As part of the School’s masterplan, TIGS21, traditional classrooms continue to be replaced with innovative and agile learning spaces. A two-story block in the Senior School has recently been reinvented into light-filled, modern and flexible spaces
which facilitate collaboration and different types of learning.

TIGS Fitness Studio

TIGS Fitness Studio

TIGS has recently opened a dedicated Fitness Studio with the latest equipment for all styles of training including, TRX, Cross Fit, Rowing, Gymnastics, Functional training and more.

Illawarra Grammar Centre (IGC)

Illawarra Grammar Centre (IGC)

The Illawarra Grammar Centre is our dedicated multi-purpose School Hall serving the School and our community. This space can be utilised as a professional musical theatre stage, basketball court, gymnasium, netball court, indoor soccer field or exhibition hall.



Our School Canteen offers healthy and delicious meals for our students to purchase. Our online ordering system makes it easy for parents and students to order and collect.

Music Studio

Music Studio

Our School also provides students with a dedicated Music Recording studio. This space facilitates our students to create professional quality music for their Major Works.

Rees Hall

Rees Hall

Rees Hall is a modern, multi-purpose space for our Junior School students. This facility is used for sporting activities such as indoor football and futsal. It also provides our Junior School space for assembly, public speaking, music concerts and community events.

Photography Studios

Photography Studios

Our state of the art photography studio is a dedicated space for our multi-media students. Our green screen technology, white room and darkroom provide our students with the real-world experience to prepare them for life after graduation.

Tennis Court

Tennis Court

Our School’s onsite Tennis Court allows our teachers to include tennis and net sports as part of our curriculum. We also partner with professional tennis coaches for regular tennis lessons for students as part of our Co-Curricular programme.

A Sense of Unity

The uniform

Our students wear their uniforms with pride, showing they’re part of the great TIGS community. We have uniforms to suit each season and encourage our students to maintain high personal standards of presentation.

For students who show immense pride in their presentation at school, they have the opportunity to be awarded the Personal Presentation Award which is a pre-requisite to holding any leadership position within the School.



Uniform Pricelist


Technology: Digital Natives

Technology is a huge component of the world we live in, so it’s essential for our students to understand how to effectively use and understand technology. Of course, we’re aware of the downfalls of technology and place developmentally appropriate boundaries for our students as they move throughout the School. From Year 7, students will use a laptop, but not exclusively. We still place great importance on your child’s penmanship and ability to experience the fluidity of writing by hand. All of our exams are still handwritten. During school hours including break time, students are not allowed mobile phones. This is to ensure they’re engaged both in class and in the playground.


Getting to TIGS

Private vehicle: Our drop-off point for Senior School students is at the end of Powell Street.

Our drop-off point for Junior School students is at our Princes Highway entrance. We provide a Car Line system for effortless drop-offs and pick-ups. A staff member will greet your vehicle and assist your child to leave and/or return safely, with all their belonging.

TIGS Private buses: This door-to-door service offers peace of mind and convenience for busy families, especially those with young children or those who live off the beaten track. Our service runs from Stanwell Park to Nowra, with expert and accredited drivers operating TIGS own private bus fleet. Charged per term, with zone pricing, you can avoid the morning rush for as little as $13 per return trip. For more information or to apply, contact the School.

Train: Each morning and afternoon a bus transfer is available for students arriving at Wollongong Train Station. The walk from the station to school is approximately 30 minutes so bus transfer is advised. These buses are for TIGS students only and can be accessed with an OPAL card.

Charted Buses: In addition to our private bus service, school buses operated by Premier Illawarra access many areas from Tarrawanna to Kiama.
These buses are for TIGS students only and can be accessed with an OPAL card.

New Northern Suburbs Bus Service: In May 2024 a new Northern Transport System was launched. This service is being co-funded by The Illawarra Grammar School and families, to provide a superior alternative to the current public transport arrangements. It runs between public bus stops along Princes Hwy and Lawrence Hargrive Drive, between Corrimal and Coledale and costs $3.50 per trip. Students must be registered for a TIGS Smartcard to use this service. Please contact the School to register for a Smartcard.





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