Dr Julie Greenhalgh


Dr Julie Greenhalgh

BSc. BAppSc. DipEd. DipMgt, MEd. EdD

Dr Greenhalgh commenced as the principal of The Illawarra Grammar School in January 2024 having come from Meriden School in Strathfield where she was the principal for sixteen happy years, and Pymble Ladies’ College where she was the Deputy Principal.

Dr Greenhalgh commenced her career as a Science and Maths teacher, and the fascination for Physics, in particular, has never left her. Her sixteen years as a teacher at Canberra Grammar School, including those as Head of the Science Department, were years of much professional satisfaction.

All Dr Greenhalgh’s career has been spent in the education of young people in NSW and the ACT. She believes that teaching is a most worthy vocation and that schools, as safe places of joy and wonder, are the foundational blocks of community.

An active member of her local Anglican church, Dr Greenhalgh also enjoys spending time with her large family and reading light-hearted fiction such as that involving the antics of Rumpole and Wooster and Jeeves!


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