While he was busy making history and being the Commander in

August 16, 2021   General

While he was busy making history and being the Commander in Chief of a world superpower, Barack Obama was also voraciously reading.

A habit he picked up in his youth and carries with him to this day. According to Michiko Kakutani “The reading Obama did in his 20s and 30s, combined with his love of Shakespeare and the Bible and his ardent study of Lincoln, Martin Luther King jnr and Reinhold Niebuhr, would shape his long view of history”.
Reading, and reading widely, helped to shape his understanding, his faith and his impact on the world.

Now we’re not saying that turning the pages of a book is going to make you the leader of the free world, but it certainly won’t hurt your chances. And if you have already exhausted your bookshelves at home, TIGS has you covered.

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