Dr Bryan Cowling

Dr Bryan Cowling brings to the TIGS Council more than sixty years of experience as a teacher, consultant, a school principal, an inspector of schools, a Regional Director of Education (in the South Coast), a State Office Director of Vocational Education, a State Director of Curriculum and the State Director of School Education Policy. He devoted some forty years to the governance of schools, colleges, community bodies, tertiary colleges, adult education, and significant Diocesan bodies.

Bryan and his family lived in Wollongong between 1984 and 1999 during which time he worshipped at Figtree Anglican Church and became quite familiar with staff at the University of Wollongong and at many private and state schools. In 1999 he became the foundation principal of Thomas Hassall Anglican College in Middleton Grange. In 2007 Archbishop Peter Jensen appointed him to re-establish the Anglican Education Commission. During the first three years of his retirement he researched and wrote a 300 page book titled Yesterday, Today and Beyond’ to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of St Luke’s Anglican Church in Liverpool.


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