Years 5 & 6

STAGE 3 COORDINATOR: Mrs Anna Carswell

Stage 3 is a dynamic chapter in the education of your child that relies on communication with and recognition of previous stages and stages yet to be experienced.

As a Prep to Year 12 school we have the unique advantage of working closely with the Senior School teachers to ensure the experiences and content covered in the Junior School not only satisfies the prerequisite needs of Year 7, but extends students’ knowledge, understandings and skills beyond the core curriculum.

The Transition to Year 7 Programme involves all students in Stage 3. Starting in Year 5, students experience a taste of the Senior School through participation in classes such as Design and Tech, Visual Arts and activities in the Science labs, orientation days for Year 6 and much more. The programs success can be seen by the smooth transition of the current student body.

Stage 3 represents a time to formally transfer the ownership of learning onto the individual. The PYP framework of learning enhances our ability to do this. In Year 6 students participate in a culminating project, called the exhibition. The purpose of this experience is for students to engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry demonstrating all attributes of the Learner Profile.  It is collaborative in the sense that it is planned to unite students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community and that students work in small groups to inquire into a real life issue or problem. Planned to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning, the PYP Exhibition explores multiple perspectives related to a central idea through the application of learning from previous years.

Stage 3 is an exciting time of learning for the studetns as they mature into young people who are skilled and knowledgeable and who take an active role in their classrooms, their school, their community and the world.