Years 3 & 4


The Stage 2 teaching team are looking forward to an exciting year of learning as we continue to delve deeper into the Primary Years Program and implement our units of inquiry. As well as our rigorous reading, writing and arithmetic programmes, our learning journey this year will take us through Australia’s history; discovering other cultuies and beliefs; into our local and global communities and governments; exploring National Parks; experimenting with Energy; and many other fabulous inquiries and discoveries.

We anticipate each child in Stage 2 shining in all facets of their education through the myriad of opportunities available to them here at TIGS. We eagerly await the excursions, off campus field trips, special events, carnivals, productions, performances and our much loved Stage 2 camping 'retreat' to Waterslea.

Above all, the teachers of Years 3 and 4 look forward to forming a bond and partnership with parents and the greater TIGS community as we strive to develop optimum success for each and every child in Stage 2.