Years 1 & 2

STAGE 1 COORDINATOR: Mrs Rebecca Young

Children in Years 1 and 2 grow and mature in a unique and rapid way unlike that of any other stage. Commonly the children develop greater independence, find that they are getting physically stronger and taller and start to lose their baby teeth.There is a regular need to visit the office for an envelop to put the lost teeth in so that they can be taken home with pride ready for the tooth fairy. There are numerous untied shoelaces to be done up, and usually by me! And of course there is the honour of no longer being the babies of the Junior School playground. But of the most interest is the pace with which they grow socially, emotionally and academically.

In Stage 1 the students’ literacy and numeracy skills develop with a speed similar to that not seen since they were two when they first learned to ask “Why?”.  It is during this time that they develop the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding that become the foundation for future learning and at a rate that is not repeated again during their schooling.

Certainly Stage 1 are a very rewarding group to teach because their gains can be seen so very clearly. To go from making humble attempts to write short phrases, sentences and sometimes only groups of words at the start of Year 1, to composing fully coherent passages at the end of Year 2 at the rate they do is truly amazing.

But this phase of significant growth is not limited to reading, writing, talking and listening alone. So too, the children become rapidly able to sort, order, calculate, solve and manipulate shapes, numbers, time and problems.

As the Stage 1 Co-ordinator, I feel honoured to have the privilege of teaching and caring for the Year 1 and 2 children at TIGS. And I see it as my duty to ensure that their entry to Stage 1 and subsequent exit to Stage 2 is marked by noticeable growth in each one as a child, as a learner and as a successful and happy member of their community.