Year 6 Captains’ Induction Assembly

February 15, 2024  
Ms Geneva Clayton - Head of Junior School

Year 6 is a special time where students step into leadership roles. This is an important opportunity and a privilege that every Year 6 student experiences. Last week we celebrated the induction of Year 6 into their leadership roles. We congratulate our 2024 Year 6 cohort as they commence their leadership of the Junior School.

The Year 6 Leadership team meet weekly with me to raise, discuss, explore and plan for the implementation of many initiatives pertinent to the requests and needs of our Junior School community. Our Year 6 Captains’ Induction Assembly appointed students to their official roles in 2024.

The student-identified roles are determined during our training day. These are generated by the Year 6 Captains and are based on areas that they identify as important and needed in the Junior School. These will be introduced to our Junior School students during our assembly in the coming weeks.

We look forward to the leadership of all of our Year 6 students, knowing that they will be exemplary role models, who will contribute to the success and growth of our School in 2024.


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