Partnerships in action

September 15, 2023  
Mrs Judi Nealy - Principal

Schools thrive on partnerships between students and their teachers, parents and staff, staff and leadership, and the School and the broader community. As we come to the end of Term III it has been very encouraging to see the way positive partnerships are so prevalent at TIGS.

TIGS Foundation brings together supporters and advocates of our School to partner in advancing TIGS. In 2023 we have seen interest and membership in the Foundation grow significantly. The work of TIGS Foundation has spanned decades and benefited thousands of young people with our beautiful facilities and grounds, as well as the provision of scholarships and other opportunities. This is a longstanding partnership that is currently going through a period of renewal and growth and this is very exciting to see. 

TIGS P&F is another significant partner, providing a conduit between the School and parents and also a link between families which strengthens our community. This year’s Father’s Day Breakfast was a recent P&F success where so many of our dads all had the opportunity to spend time with their children and also connect with each other. It was a happy but also a very productive event.

This week many of our Year 10 students headed off to work experience. Many of the workplaces have been long standing partnerships with TIGS through parents, alumni or connections in the Illawarra. These relationships are so valuable as our young people start to explore career opportunities and choose patterns of study for Year 11 and Year 12. I warmly encourage parents who would like to contribute to this important element of our Year 10 programme to make contact with Mrs Glenis Murphy our careers advisor to express your interest ([email protected])

Recently I have had the pleasure of speaking with parents who are working in unusual or start-up industries such as the renewable energy sector. These conversations have led to opportunities for Year 11 students to visit and interact with highly skilled and interesting professionals. These connections are often informal, but they are so impactful and I would love to develop additional partnerships with parents who would like to share their unusual or innovative career experiences with our students. I extend a warm welcome to you to contact me on [email protected]; I would be delighted to speak with you

Partnerships with alumni are probably one of the most satisfying partnerships for a School. We are able to observe and celebrate the success of our alumni as they venture beyond school and they get to inspire and encourage the next generation of TIGS students. The recent visit from Dr Meganne Christian (Class of 2004), who is Australia’s first female astronaut and currently training with the European Space Agency, was incredibly exciting and motivating for our students and an absolute delight. 

I am thankful for all these partnerships which enrich our School immensely. We each have an opportunity to make connections with others for the benefit of TIGS. I want to encourage you to be looking for ways you can use your unique talents and resources for the benefit of others. Thank you to those who are already doing this.


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