Learning, Growth and Celebration

November 18, 2022  
Mrs Naomi Sheridan - Director of TIGS Prep

This term we shared an exciting Celebration of Learning with the children and families of TIGS Prep.

It has been wonderful to welcome the families of our youngest learners into the play spaces. Each class hosted a special event to celebrate their year of learning. 

This gathering is designed to give learning insights to an audience beyond the play space. Strong family engagement and collaboration is an integral part in building a successful and high-quality early childhood practice and establishing positive partnerships with children’s families. 

The Celebration of Learning was a great opportunity for our children to show their families, friends and grandparents what they are learning, skills they have mastered, things they continue to work on and what a day in their play space looks like. This experience was child-led, hands-on and experiential. 

Each guest participated under the leadership of their child, in experiencing what daily life is like in the TIGS Prep learning environment. The educators were available as facilitators and a guide, but the children were the true leaders of the celebration.

Thank you to all parents and grandparents who joined us for such a wonderful occasion.


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