Learning from an expert – Why do we need mines?

March 11, 2022  
Head of Science - Mrs Kerri Baird

As part of the Year 8 Resources unit, students learn the importance of managing natural resources and how we obtain these essential materials sustainably through mining. Guest speaker Campbell Baird, Mining Engineer, Managing Director and Director of companies throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, North & South America talked to our students last week about the processes involved in mining and the need to mine in order to meet societies demand for resources that are critical in our desire to adopt new technologies, such as electric cars.

Samuel Williams said “I found it interesting that we need so many resources for a new green generation”. 

While Austin Ramsay said “What I enjoyed about the morning talk from Campbell Baird was that he discussed the pros and cons of mining and showed us what the future of mining could be”

Students then incorporated their new knowledge of the stages of mining and the need to make a profit by modelling the mining process using muffins. Students had to buy a site (muffin) and the equipment needed to mine the choc chips from the muffin (toothpicks and spoons). Pay the miner’s wages to excavate the mine/muffin. 

Students then sold their collected resources (choc chips) and lastly paid for the site to be rehabilitated (determined by the amount of muffin overall needed to replenish the open cut mine/muffin). 

Students enjoyed the experience and quickly realised the balancing act it took to make a profit. I am pleased to say we had many students showing their ingenuity and creative sides enabling them to be classified as a Mining Magnate. 


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