Junior School co-curricular

August 18, 2023  
Mrs Lennea Grace - Acting Director of Life and Learning

Every day our students are jumping into the many co-curricular activities on offer.  This week a particular focus has been on the Tournament of the Minds who are preparing for the big competition this weekend!  They have worked incredibly hard to prepare for this challenging event. We wish them all the best and we look forward to celebrating their efforts next week.  A very special thank you to Mrs Dorothy Segar, Mrs Nicki Stanis, Miss Elizabeth Hoctor and Mrs Natalie Liddiard-Gray for their dedication and preparation of these teams.

As we review current options and in preparation for 2024, please let us know your thoughts and suggestions about some new after school options to broaden our offerings. Please email through to [email protected]


Book Week Dress-Up Day for Junior School and TIGS Prep


Celebrating our students