da Vinci Decathlon

May 13, 2022  

Junior School

Two teams from the Junior School competed in the da Vinci Decathlon. This is an academic competition designed to stimulate and challenge students. It encourages creativity and imagination, higher order thinking skills and problem solving. Both teams from Year 5 and Year 6 collaborated well throughout the day. It was a busy day full of excitement and effort as the teams completed ten disciplines: engineering, mathematics, science, art and poetry, code-breaking, creative producers, cartography, English, legacy and ideation. Year 5 and Year 6 were delighted to be rewarded at the end of the day by both winning the Illawarra regional competition. This is a huge achievement. 

Congratulations to both teams, and to Mrs Stanis for preparing and leading them. 



Year 6: 1st place overall

Art and Poetry 1st place

Cartography 1st place

English 2nd place

Creative Producers 3rd place

Engineering 3rd place


Year 5: 1st place overall

Art and Poetry 1st place

Codebreaking 1st place

English 1st place

Mathematics 1st place

Science 1st place

Engineering 2nd place

Legacy 2nd place

Cartography 3rd place


Senior School

The Year 8 team made a particularly impressive sortie into the competition which overlapped with the Year 8 camp. They were able to participate in two sessions thanks to Mr James Edgerton’s support in evacuating them from camp. Thank you also to the parents who facilitated this manoeuvre.

In competition with Year 8 teams, the Year 7 team achieved first in Creative Producers and third in English.

In the Senior division, our Year 10 team came first in the core subjects of English, Science and Mathematics and came third in Art and Poetry.


Year 7 

Hunter Bright, Kaj Eriksson, Zahra Freeman, Aubrey Koll, Saskia Esslinger, Tahlie Oxman, Evelyn Sanzone, Edie Taggart

Year 8

Cameron Aubin, Isabella Carswell, Rhys Chieng, Tom I’Ons, Robbie Lavalle, Yasmin Matar, Aahan Rakheja, Lola Stephenson

Year 9

Ting-Ting Cook, Marcelle Davis-Cook, Isabella Denley, Amelie Hampton, Nelle-May Makowski, Isabelle Norton, Isabella Perri, Claire Spicknall

Year 10

Samantha Fritsch, Bhaavya Gupta, Eve Norton, Mia Parker, Samarth Sirohi, Joel Turner, Chloe Vickery, Jamaya Wayne



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