November 11, 2022  
Mr Brody Toombs - Head of Arts

Year 12 and Year 10 Music students were fortunate to attend a performance of ‘Compassion’ written by Australian composer Nigel Westlake and featuring the Australian artist Lior and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

This work is part of the Music 2 syllabus and the opportunity for students to have the chance of hearing the work performed live, with the original composers and artists is truly special! The work incorporates Hebrew-Arabic texts with the power of a symphony orchestra to take a deep dive into the impact of human compassion that crosses cultural and emotional divides.

in addition, the Opera House has just undergone a significant upgrade to the Concert Hall, bringing it in line with some of the best venues in the world. Our students took the opportunity to dress for the occasion, and were incredibly excited to attend the concert.

The first half featured some of Lior’s original compositions with a smaller band before the performance of ‘Compassion’ with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the second half. Thank you to Mr Matt Unwin, Rev. Mark Grieve and Miss Jessica Kuit for accompanying the students on such an amazing experience.


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