Bundanon Arts Camp

May 6, 2022  

Year 11 students studying Drama, Music, Visual Arts and VET Entertainment travelled to Arthur Boyd’s property Bundanon to undertake a three-day creative intensive camp around the theme ‘Momentum’. After two postponements, it was wonderful to be able to enjoy some finer weather and the picturesque atmosphere of Bundanon.

Students participated in a variety of workshops that challenged them to understand what creativity looks like, and then how to apply that creativity in different situations. The goal over the two and a half days was to bring together their content to create a short film. The workshops were engaging, and our students dived in head first to stretch their creativity, producing not only engaging films, but excellent artworks and music scores. It is always amazing to see the interpretation of the theme from each group, and how wildly different each film is.

In a world that is demanding creative individuals that work well in teams to solve problems, the learning these students undertook will be paramount not only to their own Higher School Certificate, but as they move into the greater world with these skills highly sought after. We are very thankful to the Education Team at Bundanon Trust and our expert Arts staff for providing such an enriching experience for our Year 11 students.


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