An Investment in the Future

February 28, 2020  
P&F President – Mrs Joanne Danckwardt

Over the past two years, TIGS Community, led by the P&F Association, have been fundraising to install Solar Power to assist with the energy needs of the campus. This project has been in the planning phase for two years, and the fundraising efforts have all contributed to its implementation.

Investigations were undertaken in 2018 to determine the best system size and several tenders were sought. Hours of research and comparative analysis took place, to ensure TIGS was investing in the most appropriate system to meet its long term requirements. Installation commenced in September 2019, and the Junior School roof space was covered with 260 Photovoltaic Cell Modules or ‘Solar Panels’.

The system was commissioned in late November 2019 and is already delivering tangible results. The quality metrics the system provides allows for simple comparisons and snapshots of the Solar Energy production at any given time. Students and staff can log onto the TIGS Solar Portal and view real-time data of how the system is generating the power to operate the campus. The P&F have a tradition of funding projects that lead to better environmental outcomes. In 2017, TIGS commenced a programme to upgrade outdated conventional lighting to high efficiency LED lighting. This upgrade not only created significant electricity usage reductions but also improved the overall lighting levels.

The Property Department used some of the data and metrics provided by both the Solar Portal and our electricity monitoring system and were able to provide data from a typical day. This data demonstrated that a reduction of electricity usage of around 1,350 Kwh or 54% for that day since the LED lighting upgrade, Solar Array installation and other energy efficiency measures had been installed.

The solar installation, in addition to our Water Recycling Programme and LED lighting upgrade are all contributing to reducing the School’s carbon footprint and reducing our impact on the environment. These are real and tangible positive results and we hope to continue in our efforts, to provide funding to improve our school and support our treasured environment. So please come along to one of our meetings so you too can be involved. We would love to see you there.

P&F Meeting

Come along to our first P&F meeting for 2020 to hear our vision and be part of this dynamic group. It would be wonderful to see you there.
Everyone is welcome!

DATE: 11 March 2020
PLACE: The Goodhew Research Centre (TIGS Library)
TIME: 6.00pm
RSVP: For catering purposes [email protected]
Any inquiries and agenda items for the General Meeting can be directed to [email protected]


TIGS P&F Meeting


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