Alumni Showcase – Margaux Walker

May 29, 2020  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

What are you doing with your life since graduation? (hobbies, Studies, Career)

After finishing at TIGS in 2015, I went on to study a Bachelor of Art (Art History, English Literature) at Sydney University. This was a really special time for me, finally being able to take a path of passion in my life. I loved learning about the world through stories and art. Some highlights of this time were undertaking field research at AGNSW where I delivered a floor talk to my peers, and gaining an internship role at a local commercial art gallery. 

After this, I considered what I wanted to do in my career, and I realised that I could best share my knowledge and make meaningful connections through the pathway of education. So, I began a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at UOW. I’m now nearing the end of this degree and can say with certainty that choosing a path that led me back to Wollongong, my friends and family, and that had the potential of impacting others too, was the best choice for me at this time. I undertook a placement at a local government high school, which was an exciting and enlightening experience. 

While studying for my Masters degree, I was offered the role of Educator at the Powerhouse Museum, where I have now been working for over a year. It has been incredibly challenging in terms of content (teaching space history, science, coding, and robotics) but has opened me up to areas of interest I never knew I had. I am currently the youngest member of staff in my team, and take great pride in my position and success so far. This has been one of my greatest successes so far. 

My hobbies are simple ones! I love to read and often go to the cinema to see new and old movies. I am also learning to draw and paint, and have found a new joy in pottery! I definitely spend most of my time with friends and often have someone to share in these hobbies with.

What advice would you give to a current TIGS student?

My advice to current TIGS students is to recognise the world in which you live, and your position within it. Take pride in the position you have been given, and do it justice when you get out into the world. We at TIGS (regardless if you are there on a scholarship, like me, or otherwise) are afforded immense privilege and have the responsibility of giving that back to others in society. Take part in the many community programme that TIGS offers, and don’t be afraid to acknowledge and hand over your platform to others when your moral compass guides you in that direction. 

What was your fondest memory at TIGS?

I remember so many of my teachers fondly – Ms Esposito, Ms Lowe, and others. Their advice and commitment to me as a young, directionless person helped shape me. Likewise, the constant emphasis on volunteer work helped me keep perspective on the broader world, whilst very much living in my own microcosm. The House events were very special to me and gave me a sense of belonging and commitment to others. 


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