TIGS Market Day

December 1, 2023  
Mr Marcello Dardanelli - HSIE Teacher

During Week 7, our Year 9 and Year 10 Commerce students were involved in TIGS market day. The students were exceptional and displayed a range of entrepreneurial, communication and teamwork skills. The stalls and activities ranged from chocolate coated strawberries, magic spiders, ice-cream sundaes, teachers treats, Finska, fairy floss, popcorn, homemade lemonade, beat the keeper, lollie jar guessing competitions and gaming stations. This student lead initiative highlighted the imagination and determination of our students to plan, organise and lead such a successful event. Students, staff and Stage 3 students were able to experience the 2023 TIGS market day – what better way to spend recess and lunch indulging in all the sugar treats!

It was great to see the students put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. Their marketing, operations, finance and human resource skills were put to the test and the experience gained was invaluable. Although the focus of the day was not purely on profits, the students raised an impressive $2161.71!

This contribution will go towards the worthy Year 12 fundraiser.

Congratulations all Year 9 and 10 commerce students!


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