Senior School Improv Theatre

September 8, 2023  
Mrs Naomi Sullivan - Deputy Head of Senior School

Each Tuesday during period 5, our Improv Theatre group join to extend their drama skills under the expert guidance of Ms Helen McLean who has a vast amount of experience in stage productions, Stage 5 Drama and HSC Drama. Students work together to develop an appreciation for the way in which improvisation and comedy work together whilst unlocking creativity and confidence that extends across all areas of education and life.

A number of our Improv Theatre students share their experience in this exciting new co-curricular activity:


What happens in Improv Theatre? What’s it all about?

“During Improv Theatre, we are able to develop our confidence through a vast range of drama activities and games.” – Charlee Ducat – Year 9

 “In Improv Theatre,  we participate in a whole range of games to help our improvisation and acting skills. We learn new performance and drama skills that we can use on stage, as well as helping us to improve our confidence and reduce stage fright.” Chelsea Bessell- Year 7

“In Improv Theatre, people at all stages of skill level get to learn to be confident in front of a large audience. We also learn how to use your voice and have fun with friends.” – Sophie Deck – Year 7


What are some of your favourite activities that you do in Improv Theatre?

 “I really enjoy the drama games that we take part in, including Zip-Zap-Boing, The Zombie Name Game and many more. This helps the group be more comfortable in front of each other while also having a blast.” – Sophie Deck – Year 7

“Probably an activity we did the other week where we were split into groups and given one line, one object and one place and we had to make up a scene that centres around those things.” – Chelsea Bessell – Year 7

“Some of my favourite activities are playing the drama games or doing a little group performance.” – Harry Way – Year 7

“My favourite activity is re-enacting small scenes with people you aren’t as familiar with.” – Charlee Ducat – Year 9


Has there been anything that you have found difficult or outside your comfort zone? How did you overcome this and what have you learnt?

“I think that having to work with people that I didn’t know was a bit challenging at first but when I learned more about them it was a lot easier to connect.”  Sophie Deck – Year 7

“I get stage fright and I struggle performing in front of people, so in that way I feel that Improv Theater has really pushed me outside my comfort zone. It has helped me to put myself out there and to increase my self confidence.” – Chelsea Bessell – Year 7

“In certain games you have to come out on a whim and give out your own ideas. This can be difficult as you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position where your ideas are being projected in a group activity for everyone to watch.” – Charlee Ducat – Year 9


What would you say to someone who is interested in giving Improv Theatre a try?

 “I 100% recommend Improv Theatre to other students because it is just an amazing way to get out of your comfort zone and try new things even if you aren’t really confident in drama. This club is the perfect way to expand your horizons and make new friends.” – Sophie Deck – Year 7

“Do it! It is an amazing experience and you get to know new people and have fun while doing it!” – Harry Way – Year 7

“Yes, do it! It’s a great experience and you get to make new friends and have fun with them. No one judges you when you make a mistake and it’s a great environment to be in.” – Chelsea – Year 7

“It has the fun, physical aspects people love about drama as well as a relaxing aspect where you aren’t being assessed.”  – Charlee Ducat – Year 9



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