Term III Sports

September 1, 2023  
Mr Adrian Deck - Head of Sport

NASSA Football Gala Days


The NASSA Football Gala Days were held across two days during Week 4 of this term. Excitement for the game was high, as the games were played at the peak of the excitement for the Matilda’s at the Women’s World Cup. The Football Gala Days provided a platform for young football talent from TIGS to showcase their skills and sportsmanship. The event not only highlighted the skill levels of the participants but also emphasised the importance of sportsmanship and healthy competition among young athletes.

Year 7 Boys

The Year 7 Boys led the charge with a strong start by beating Broughton Anglican College. It was clear by the end of this game that they were beginning to work as a team. They proceeded to the semi-final after playing both Macarthur Anglican College and Thomas Hassall Anglican College. The semi-final against Georges River Grammar was challenging, however TIGS were successful in progressing to the Grand Final against St Luke’s Grammar School. With Thomas Binks as goalkeeper, and a strong defense, captained by Thomas Tarrant, who himself saved a goal destined for the net, the team dug deep to win 1-0 before the final siren. Congratulations to the Year 7 Boys for being named as the NASSA Champions! Thomas Binks, Kaden Brookfield, Ryan Haghparast, Thomas Tarrant, Charlton Webb, Oliver Wilson, Kade Bowmaker, Arlo Steffen, Shay Grennan, Ethan Tierney, Wilson Makowski, William Murrie and Gus Doyle. Coach: Mrs Cassidy

Year 7/8 Girls

The 7/8 girls put on a strong showing, narrowly missing out on a semifinals spot despite playing some outstanding football. With the rotation of players throughout the day, the girls experienced a number of positions. The players ability level and understanding of football grew throughout the day. A special mention to Matilda Pead and Isla Belanszky who were the nucleus of the team. Isla Belanszky, Chelsea Bessell, Arwen Bowman, Audrey Davis, Emma Denley, Lucia Ding, Josie Lowe, Katie Lowe, Angelique McNeill, Amelia Murray, Nikole Noveski, Matilda Pead, Isabelle Phelan, Edie Taggart. Coach: Mr Gardiner

Year 8/9 Boys

The 8/9 Boys team had an outstanding day of football. Although they had only one goal scored against them on the day, they still unfortunately missed out on the semi finals. Daniel Llewellin and Ashton Grace were highly influential in the middle of the field. The sportsmanship displayed by TIGS team was exceptional and they were often role models for how the game should be played for other teams. Congratulations to: Leon Do, Brody Gardiner, Ashton Grace, Thomas Hughes, Robbie Lavalle, Daniel Llewellin, Nash Micallef, James Murray, Andrew Neal, George Ng, Emmanuel O’Brien, Joel Olbourne, Lachlan Rayner, Owen Vardy. Coach: Mr Gardiner

Year 9/11 Girls

In the opening rounds, TIGS displayed their prowess with a 2-0 victory against Broughton Anglican College and another dominating win against Thomas Hassall Anglican College. Jayde Johnson, Charlotte Wall and Zoe McClatchie were standout performers in those games. The other pool game, against Macarthur Anglican College, saw TIGS unable to secure a victory against a very experienced and well-organised side.

The semi-final round witnessed a comprehensive performance from TIGS, leading to a victory against Georges River Grammar. The players displayed remarkable coordination and determination, securing their place in the grand final.

In the highly anticipated grand final, TIGS faced another tough and hard-fought match against Macarthur Anglican College. Despite putting up a valiant effort, the team experienced a narrow defeat against a team containing a number of NASSA representative players.

The team displayed commendable teamwork, determination, and resilience throughout the event. While the grand final ended in a hard-fought loss, the overall performance of TIGS was impressive, reflecting their dedication to the sport and their commitment to representing their school with pride. Riya Bahl, Brooke Baird, Alexandra Birch, Ting-Ting Cook, Alyssa Jeffries, Jayde Johnson, Caitlin Loudon, Nelle-May Makowski, Zoe McClatchie, Samra Tarrant, Tayla Tregonning, Charlotte Wall. Coach: Mr Davis

Year 10/11 Boys

It was a terrific performance by the Year 10/11 boys football team. The team had two wins against Thomas Hassall Anglican College and Wollondilly Anglican College in the group stage and beat Macarthur Anglican College to reach the final where they were narrowly beaten by St Luke’s Grammar School  0-1, finishing runners up. Congratulations to the following boys who represented TIGS: Harley Adams, Hussen Bangamwabo, Harrison Deck, Oscar Kiely, Seth Loran, Samuel Lowe, Ryan Molnar, Brandon Nugara, Rishay Patel, Mackenzie Pead, Gabriel Taylor-Chamberlain, Wyatt Toland, Aidan Vardy, Christian Vujic. Coach: Mr Madigan


NASSA Primary Athletics Carnival


It was a fantastic day of track and field at Campbelltown Sports Stadium on Thursday 10 August for the NASSA Primary Athletics Carnival. It was a particularly special day for TIGS, who were named as the Champion School at the end of the day, a narrow 18 points ahead of Penrith Anglican College. Some outstanding results and performances included:


  • Oscar Sheppard setting a new record in the 10&U 1500m with a time of 5:47.48
  • All four TIGS relay teams finishing in the Top 3, qualifying to compete at CIS


Age Champions

  • Liam Clark (10&U Boys): 3rd Place
  • Chloe Greenhalgh (11yr Girls): 3rd Place
  • Jasper Horky (11yr Boys): 3rd Place
  • Xiaojia Tang (12-13yr Boys) : 3rd Place


Congratulations to the 26 TIGS students who qualified to compete at the CIS Championships to be held at Sydney Olympic Park on Tuesday 19 September.


NASSA Senior Athletics Carnival


The NASSA Senior Athletics Carnival was held two weeks later, also in Campbelltown, on Wednesday 23 August. Once again, there many outstanding performances throughout the day, with TIGS athletes giving their all to help the school finish the day in 3rd place overall, behind Wollondilly Anglican College and St Luke’s Grammar School.

Some highlights and outstanding performances on the day included:

  • Claire Spicknall beating the 16G 1500m record with a time of 4:53.95 and the 800m record with a time of 2:24.37.
  • Michael Mitchell beating the 14B 1500m record by 13 seconds, with a time of 4:41.59.
  • James Brewer beating the 17B 1500m record by 9 seconds, with a time of 4:17.54.
  • Loen Sevastos breaking the 17G 200m record with a time of 27.33s and the 400m record with a time of 1:01.82.
  • The 14&U boys relay beating the old record, but only just finishing in second place, 0.02 seconds behind St Luke’s.
  • The Senior Boys relay team coming home with a convincing win for the last event of the day.
  • Molly Buikstra, Luc Do, Jessy Harman and Jack McClatchie competing as Year 12 students for the last time at NASSA.


Age Champions

  • Arlo Steffen (13B): 1st Place
  • Zacariah Rusin (14B): 2nd Place
  • Michael Mitchell (14B): 3rd Place
  • Zoe McClatchie (16G): 2nd Place
  • Samuel Lowe (16B): 2nd Place
  • Angus Wilson (16B) 3rd Place
  • Loen Sevastos (17G): 1st Place
  • James Brewer (17B): 2nd Place
  • Jack McClatchie (17B): 3rd Place
  • Molly Buikstra (18G): 3rd Place


Congratulations to the 37 TIGS students who qualified to compete at the AICES Athletics Championships to be held at Homebush on Tuesday 5 September.

NASSA Opens Basketball


TIGS Open Girls Basketball Team had an exceptional Gala Day, considering only four of the girls play representative basketball. We lost our first game to a more experienced Thomas Hassall Anglican College, losing 17-23. When we were only one basket down, however, we lost our key point guard, Giorgia Tarlinton, to an ankle injury with about 10 minutes to go, which proved costly. The team went on to beat Georges River Grammar School 28-11 and Wollondilly Anglican 42-13. They finished second in their pool and played a highly experienced St Luke’s Grammar School, losing by only 30 points. The girls were extremely pleased with their efforts, as St Luke’s had great depth and went on to win the day convincingly, while TIGS had the closest score of the day against them. The girls went on to to finish in 3rd place, winning convincingly against Penrith Anglican College in the play-off for third place. Congratulations to Amelie Hampton, Grace Lane and Saoirse Garrett on their exceptional performances across the day. Ting-Ting Cook, Saoirse Garrett, Amelie Hampton, Alyssa Jeffries, Grace Lane, Isabella Perri, Giorgia Tarlinton. Coach: Mrs Lane

The Open Boys team were gallant in their effort and attitude, remaining competitive and tenacious in all of their games.

Results were as follows:

A win over Thomas Hassall Anglican College 45 – 20.

A win over Broughton Anglican College 38 – 19.

A win over Macarthur Anglican College 20 – 13.

In the Semi-final we lost to Georges River Grammar 27 – 24 in overtime.

In the 3rd v 4th playoff, the boys had a narrow loss to Thomas Hassell Anglican College 28 – 26 in overtime, leaving TIGS in fourth place for the day.

Hugh Garrett, Archer Ryan, Saxon Parrish, Robbie Lavalle, Wyatt Toland, Alex Vartazarian, Kristian Downie. Coach: Mr Rodgers

Rocky Trail Academy School MTB Race 

On Friday 18 August, the Rocky Trail Academy School MTB Race unfolded amidst the scenic trails of Cringila MTB Park. This thrilling event showcased the grit, determination, and sportsmanship of 250 students who participated from various schools from across the state.

The competition, structured into four timed sections, tested the riders’ skills in endurance, speed, and technical prowess. As they maneuvered through steep inclines, sharp turns, and intricate descents, participants demonstrated their resilience and adaptability. The unique format of the race allowed riders to attempt each timed section up to five times on each track, with only their best time counting – a strategic element that added an intriguing layer of complexity to the event.

Amidst a field of 32 schools, TIGS made a strong mark by securing an impressive 8th place in the team rankings. Individually, 14 of our student representatives wholeheartedly embraced the challenge. Among the standout performers, Annie Martin claimed the 2nd position overall in the intermediate girls’ category, highlighting her dedication and skill. Additionally, James Brewer and Riley Baird secured the 5th and 6th positions, respectively, in the Senior Boys category, a testament to their hard work and perseverance.

Riley Baird, Baden Balding, Maclay Barthelmess, James Brewer, Audrey Davis, Harrison Deck, Luke Hughes, Annie Martin, Jake Martin, James Meades, Michael Mitchell, James Murray, Joel Olbourne, Adam Otis, Oliver Percival. Coaches: Mr Davis and Mr Edgerton

NSW Interschools State Snowsports Championships

The NSW Interschools State Snowsports Championships were held at Perisher from 21-25 August. TIGS team was represented by 13 skiers and boarders and performed exceptionally well, finishing in 9th place overall amongst co-educational schools.


There were some excellent team and individual results including the following:

Alpine Division 1 Female – Ashley Armstrong – 13th place (individual)

Alpine Division 2 Male – Tom Armstrong, James Murray, Matthew Murray – 11th place

Alpine Division 5 Male – Hudson Rayner, Leo Jones, Alexandre Lahore-Lahitte – 11th place

Ski Cross Division 1 Female – Ashley Armstrong, Jessy Harman – 10th Place

Ski Cross Division 2 Male – Tom Armstrong, James Murray, Matthew Murray – 10th place

Ski Cross Division 3 Male – Kai Pilkington, Lachlan Rayer – 17th Place

Snowboard GS Division 1 Male – Michael Murray – 4th (individual)

Snowboard GS Division 2 Male – James Murray, Matthew Murray, Savy Sevastos – 3rd Place

Snowboard Cross Division 1 Male – Michael Murray – 3rd (individual)

Snowboard Cross Division 2 Male – James Murray, Matthew Murray, Savy Sevastos – 4th Place

Slopestyle Snowboard Division 1 Male – Michael Murray – 5th Place

Slopestyle Snowboard Division 2 Male – James Murray, Matthew Murray, Savy Sevastos – 4th Place

Congratulations to Michael, James, Matthew, Savy, Tom and Ashley, who all qualified for the Nationals. Unfortunately, the event, due to be held at Mt Buller in Week 8, has been cancelled due to poor snow conditions.

TIGS competitors were as follows: Ashley Armstrong, Tom Armstrong, Jessy Harman, Leo Jones, Alexandre Lahore-Lahitte, Michael Murray, James Murray, Matthew Murray, Kirra Oxman, Kai Pilkington, Hudson Rayner, Lachlan Rayner, Savy Sevastos. Thanks to Mrs Elizabeth Rowe and Mr Luke Madigan for helping to manage the team throughout the week.

National Basketball, Cross Country and Swimming


Last week, TIGS was represented by two students competing at the highest level that the school sport system offers.

Congratulations to Luka Cuda who represented the NSW U16 Boys Basketball Team at the School Sport Australia Basketball Championships, which were held in Perth. Luka played a key role in helping the team make it all the way through to the Grand Final against Queensland, where they lost in a close game, 90-82.


Jack Gibson is to be congratulated on competing at two different National events in the same week. At the beginning of last week, Jack represented NSW at the School Sport Australia Swimming Championships, which were held in Sydney. Jack performed remarkably well, finishing the competition with one silver and three bronze Medals. His complete results were:

Jack Gibson (13-15B Multi-Class): 2nd – 100m Back (1:14.11); 3rd – 200m Free (2.22.90), 50m Back (35.08), 4x100m Medley; 4th – 50m Free (31.29); 5th – 100m Free (1:06.64)

Remarkably, Jack then travelled to Canberra to compete at the National Cross Country Championships, where he won the silver medal in the 13-14yrs Multi-Class Race, with his relay team also taking away two gold medals.

Jamie De Lutiis was also selected to compete at the School Sport Australia Swimming Championships, however, she has been selected in the Australian World Junior Swim Team to compete at the World Junior Swimming Championships being held in Israel next week. We wish her all the best as she represents her country on the world stage!



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