Year 12 Science Extension students dive into new research

March 4, 2022  
Head of Science - Mrs Kerri Baird

Last week our Year 12 Science Extension students presented their research proposals as part of their first assessment task. In attendance were the Science staff, Mrs Nealy and Mr Hackett and several interested students. They were required to speak for 10 minutes, introducing the aim of their research, a review of relevant literature and their proposed methodology. 

To say that TIGS has created confident, articulate and knowledgeable young adults in these students is an understatement. They excelled in their presentations in front of what could have been to others an intimidating audience, they rose to the occasion and offered a standard of presentation that Universities and professionals would have been impressed by. 

I congratulate them and encourage our younger students to think about completing the Science Extension course in Year 12 which focuses on the authentic application of scientific research skills to produce a Scientific Research Report. These skills while still being developed were evident in the presentations and the topics that our students have chosen which are listed below. Thankyou to Mr Gollan for his time and efforts in teaching our students these lifelong and valuable skills.

Research Topics 

  1. Can shark skin reduce noise pollution of wind turbines? – Casey Lockrey
  2. To what extent do plant traits predict carbon sequestration? – Annika Enbom
  3. Linking personality with treatment – Hasnain Aly
  4. Are microplastics cause for concern in Lake Illawarra? – Alexia Loeser
  5. The female athlete triad; has awareness of the condition improved? – Jessica Quilter-Jones

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