Learning Support

At TIGS we understand that all children learn at different rates and in different ways. Our staff cater to the individual requirements of our students so that each child in the Junior School experiences personal success.
We recognise that parents are the experts in their child and that we are experts in education, so we aim to bring that expertise together in order to achieve the best results for every student in our care.
We use a case management approach whereby they key stakeholders and providers for a student who is struggling meet together regularly to plan the educational and other objectives for the term ahead. At this meeting we determine the responsibilities for each person and the timeframe for our next planning session. As our students mature, they are increasingly involved in these planning meetings so that they have ownership of their learning. Education is not something that is “done to” a TIGS student, they have an increasing involvement and responsibility for their educational journey. This allows us to assist parents in developing young men and women who are literate, numerate, confident and empowered.
The Learning Support Team assists students who require additional support to meet their full potential. Our inclusive and effective model includes identification of student needs, planning and implementation of individual programmes, evaluation of student progress and further planning. Support may be long or short term according the individuals needs of each student.
A variety of intervention programmes covering both Literacy and Numeracy are part of the curriculum including :
·         MULTILit
·         Lexia Reading Core5
·         Junior Elementary Maths Mastery (JEMM)
·         Key Maths

We have access to a suite of external providers ranging from occupational therapists, speech therapists, educational psychologists and specialist teachers and aides to support students who are struggling in the school environment.