Gifted and Talented Program

At The Illawarra Grammar School we cater for the individual needs of each of our students. This means we intentionally and explicitly address the needs of those students who are Gifted and Talented. We recognise that Gifted and Talented students need to be stimulated, extended and explicitly taught the skills and understandings they need for their educational success.

We do this by considering pace and timing, learning styles, pretesting children out of known content, acceleration where appropriate and through the broadening and deepening of our curriculum. It is our intention to move away from the concept of schooling as a race; where our student rush towards the HSC, to education as a journey; where our students inquire into their learning, follow their interests and experience manageable chunks of challenge right from the earliest days in the Piper Centre through to the Senior School.

We construct our classes carefully so that children are cluster grouped with ‘like minds’ allowing the children to benefit from working collaboratively with other learners who approach learning in a similar way. At the same time we ensure that there is opportunity for mixed ability grouping as it is clearly understood that giftedness exist in many domains beyond those traditionally identified at school.

Our teachers are skilled in the delivery of a differentiated curriculum ensuring that we meet each learner where they are at and provide the scaffolding and challenge to allow them to reach their full potential.