Head of Junior School

Welcome to the Junior School section of our TIGS website. By exploring this section it is our hope that you will get a feel for the Junior School.

In the Junior School we value inquiry, effort, creativity, skill and knowledge. We aim to empower our children to be literate, numerate, collaborative and creative users of information, not just “rememberers” of information. Our perspective is outward looking, we look to serve each other, our community and in time the world with the skills and talents we develop during our time at TIGS.

Our expert staff work collaboratively to design learning opportunities that meet each child where they are at. We intentionally assess our students to determine what they know and can do now, what they need to learn and understand next; and then plan the way to get them there. Our staff work in a strong partnership with specialist providers and parents to ensure that each of our students aspires to personal excellence academically, socially, physically and creatively.

Our campus is a beautiful and busy place with many opportunities for our children to find their niche and to excel in it. Music, Sport, Art, Drama, as well as the more mainstream academic pursuits of Junior School are catered for, recognised and celebrated in the Junior School at TIGS.

We are an authorised school for the Primary Years Program of the IB. The Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate provides a framework for the JS to implement the mandated BOS syllabi. Using this framework we are able to design learning that is inquiry based, harnessing the power of the child’s innate inclination to know “why”. The collaborative nature of the PYP means that JS staff are working in grade and stage teams to design learning that is rigorous, equitable and consistent across and between grades. There is focus on explicit teaching that is sequential, thoughtful and effective.

We use technology to enhance learning in the Junior School. Its use is natural and embedded in the teaching and learning program so that our ‘digital natives’ can utilise the tools which they use outside of school to facilitate their learning. Our school is very well equipped with interactive whiteboards and a bank of work stations in every classroom, as well as laptop trolleys for each stage which allow every classroom to access wirelessly into the internet. In Years 5 and 6 students at The Illawarra Grammar School are permitted to bring the device of their choice to school to use for the purpose of learning. This access to technology is underpinned with an acceptable use policy and a cyclical program of skill development in the area of ICT, so that our children are skilled and savvy users of the tools of their age.

We love meeting people and showing them around our school so please feel welcome to make contact with us and come in for an interview to discuss in more depth, the benefits of a TIGS beginning for your child.