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TIGS Community Business Directory Application Form

Application to Register

A new initiative of TIGS Foundation is the creation of a Business Directory, which will enable TIGS Families to promote their business/s by advertising their details on the TIGS Website. TIGS Foundation provides financial support to the School to preserve, improve and develop its property and facilities.

TIGS Foundation invites TIGS families to advertise their business/s online. To register a business in the Community Directory, please submit via the online registration form below.

The Business Directory will provide an opportunity to strengthen and tighten the bonds between the School, parents and the businesses contained within the School Community.

Funds raised from the Business Directory will assist to drive forward the fantastic educational opportunities children will receive here at TIGS.

There will be an annual fee of $300 per business each calendar year for advertising in the Directory.

Each advertiser will agree to the Terms and Conditions below before their listing is accepted. Please note that TIGS reserves the right to decline any advertisement, request changes before accepting submissions and/or remove an advertisement at the discretion of the Headmaster.


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Terms & Conditions

Each advertiser will agree to the Terms and Conditions below before their listing is accepted, and these conditions shall apply each time an application to advertise and renew the listing in the Directory is made.

Please note that TIGS reserves the right to decline any advertisement, request changes before accepting submissions and/or remove an advertisement (at the discretion of the Headmaster).

The business cannot conflict with the Mission and Values of The Illawarra Grammar School.

The business must be a credible company or individual with an established track record of business responsibility.

The business must not be involved in the manufacture or sale of tobacco related products or addictive drugs.

The business, or its Directors or Owners, cannot have been found guilty of illegal conduct.


An annual payment fee of $300 is payable according to these Terms and Conditions which requires payment in full by 15 November each year for inclusion of the business in the directory for the ensuing year.

Upon approval of the listing, you will be notified by email advising payment details.

Advertising fees each year are non-refundable even if an advertisement is removed at any time or for any reason (at the discretion of the Headmaster).

Your advertisement will be posted online once payment has been received in full.


You may request in writing the removal of your listing from the Directory at any time.

We may remove the listing from the Directory without notice at any time and for any reason (at the discretion of the Headmaster).

Advertising Material

Submissions must be correct and suitable for the intended audience.

The business must take responsibility for the content, website and any goods and services provided.

Logo files should be in JPG or PNG formats with dimensions of 600px wide by 400px high.

Although this arrangement may offer exposure of an organisation’s corporate logo or name, it does not and must not involve or imply an endorsement of the products or services by TIGS employees, parents or students.

Please be aware that this advertisement is 'as is' and does not extend any entitlements to any other advertising or promotion through the school through any other channel.

Alterations to content are restricted to one per year.


Please refer to our privacy policy.

This statement outlines The Illawarra Grammar School’s policy on how the School (The Illawarra Grammar School) uses and manages personal information provided to or collected by it.

The School is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

The School may, from time to time, review and update this Privacy Policy to take account of new laws and technology, changes to the School’s operations and practices and to make sure it remains appropriate to the changing school environment.

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