Term Dates


Term Dates 2023

Term I             1 February – 6 April

Term II           24 April – 23 June

Term III         17 July – 22 September

Term IV         9 October – 13 December


Term Dates 2024

Term I             1 February – 12 April

Term II           29 April – 28 June

Term III         22 July – 27 September

Term IV         14 October – 17 December


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Parents and Friends

TIGS P&F warmly welcomes all families to connect and be a part of our vibrant community

TIGS Parents and Friends (P&F) is an important group within our School, encouraging families to belong and get involved in our school community. The P&F offers opportunities to play a role in school events such as the annual TIGS Great Fete. It is also a great way to contribute to conversations between home and school, parents and teachers as we value the unique perspective of each community member.

2023 Members

Executive: Committee Members:
Lena Huda – President Justine Pirie
Sophie Taggart – Deputy President Megan Blair
Helen Purna – Secretary Bushra Kahn
Lauren Carroll – Deputy Secretary
Perry Beebe – Treasurer
Suellen Knight – Deputy Treasurer


Representative to the NSW Parents Council:  Ben Huda


TIGS Community is a Flourishing part of school life, supporting and encouraging the next generation of TIGS Alumni.

Over the past 60 years, TIGS Alumni have taken the benefits of their leading education all around the world. Alumni are invited to re-connect with the School so that they can find out about upcoming events including reunions, subscribe to publications and share their journey with us since leaving TIGS.

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TIGS Foundation consists of TIGS Community members committed to giving their time and resources in a voluntary capacity, for the benefit of our children, premises and school community. Foundation Boards exist in almost all private schools. They traditionally have a long history and are embedded in the fabric of the schools’ being. TIGS Foundation is just that, starting in 1986 and providing great work such as the building of the IGC and parts of the Goodhew Research Centre (Library).

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