School Council

The School Council comprises of independent non-executive members who are not involved in the day to day running of the School. The terms and conditions of the appointment and retirement of Councillors are established by The Illawarra Grammar School Ordinance 1958 – 1986.

The majority of Council members are elected by Synod (four of whom shall be Clergymen of the Anglican Church of Australia), with three further members appointed by the elected members.

Each member brings complimentary skills and experience to the Council. The present members have experience in areas that include:

  • Christian ministry, both ordained and lay
  • Public and private administration
  • Media
  • Legal services
  • Business management
  • Education
  • Community service
  • Accounting, finance and banking

The Council is involved with:

  • Strategy formulation and approval, including the development of major goals and strategies, in conjunction with the Head of School;
  • Head of School selection, succession, monitoring, evaluation, mentoring, remuneration and, when necessary, removal;
  • Monitoring organisational performance of the Council;
  • Ensuring that frameworks are in place including overview of policies, practices and performance of risk management, internal compliance and control, codes of conduct, legal compliance and reporting;
  • Assisting in achieving the School’s Mission and Values and Strategic Plan;
  • Being responsible through the Ordinance to the Anglican Diocese of Sydney through the Synod and accountable to other stakeholders.