Mission and Values

TIGS Mission

In November 2004 the School Council met with representatives from the TIGS Community to revisit the School’s statements of purpose. The ideas generated at those subsequent meetings were collated by the Headmaster and a sub-committee of the School Council in order to prepare a Statement of Mission and Values.

In preparing the document the School Council sought:

• To capture the School’s unique qualities
• To plan future directions
• To provide a platform for the future growth of the School

The School Council endorsed the final document on 28 November 2006.


TIGS Mission Statement

The achievement of academic excellence in a caring environment that is founded on Christian belief and behaviour, so that students are equipped to act with wisdom, compassion and justice as faithful stewards of our world.


School Motto

De virtute in virtutem" – "From Strength to Strength"
From Psalm 84:7


- The core business of the School is student learning within a framework provided by Christian faith. The School Community supports students in developing their abilities, empowering them to become fulfilled individuals who can successfully participate and provide leadership in society for the good of others and to the glory of God.

- Success in learning involves the development of the whole child. The School is committed to offering a broad curriculum, adopting a holistic approach to each student’s academic, spiritual, physical, aesthetic, cultural, social and emotional development.

- Learning is a life-long process and the School places great importance on the acquisition of thinking and learning skills that equip, enrich and challenge students to be creative, reflective, critical, discerning, collaborative and independent learners.

- Individual academic disciplines provide a knowledge base and framework for understanding the world. The School is also committed to students achieving an enriched understanding that comes through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning, building on the academic disciplines.

- It is recognised that students learn in different ways and at different rates and that the gifts each child possesses are unique in their extent and combination. Student learning is organised so that each child is given the opportunity to identify and develop their gifts and talents to the fullest extent.

- The School sets excellence as its standard when planning and evaluating its academic programs and outcomes. Excellence is viewed as neither elitist nor exclusive and is accessible to all who aspire to be the best they can be. The advantages of our culture of academic excellence are not just for the individual but are for the benefit of our whole School community and beyond.


- As an Anglican School, TIGS is founded on Christian principles.

Our ultimate authority is God’s Word, the Bible, which reveals to us that:


• God is the true and living God, creator of the heavens and the earth, who sustains His creation with all power.

• He made people in His image and to be in relationship with Him, with each other and the environment.

• Sin has destroyed this relationship with God: in desiring to rule their own lives, people reject God’s authority and distrust his loving kindness; and hence they are alienated from God, others and the environment.

• Because of His unfailing love for his people, God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world to reconcile all things to himself. In His life he taught us the ways of God, demonstrating His authority as well as His love and compassion for people. In His death and resurrection He bore the punishment for our sin and offers eternal life to all who accept His authority and trust in His loving kindness.

• He has given us a guarantee of this eternal life by sending His Holy Spirit to empower His followers to live as God’s people. He will return to judge all people and have His full authority finally recognised by all.

As Christians, our lives and all that we do reflect these truths. We live in a world still marred by sin, yet we live as God’s people in that world, seeking by his power, to live Christ-like lives and to intentionally proclaim the Gospel so that others come to a restored relationship with Him.

- The School actively promotes formation in the Christian faith. This is achieved through a commitment to the teaching of Christ and its application to relationships, curriculum, policies and procedures.

- The School is committed to developing and implementing curriculum that reflects a Christian world view. This is achieved through the public celebration of the Christian faith and through the embedding of a Christian world view in all that we do.

- With an understanding of God’s created order and intention for our world through the experience of the curriculum, students will be equipped to act with discernment and have direction in their decision making.

- By modelling servant leadership, promoting service and embedding the concept of stewardship in the School’s programs, students receive guidance and practical experience in living a life that is faithful to the teachings of Christ.

- The School recognises that its community is inclusive and seeks these outcomes for all who are part of the School Community.


- Forging strong partnerships between the School and families is foundational to the provision of a caring, nurturing and safe environment which engages children as they grow, learn and mature into adulthood.

- Providing care that is appropriate for the individual needs of each child as they progress through the stages of learning is of paramount importance for the School. Individualised care is seen as an extension of that provided by families and is the platform from which effective learning takes place. Students learn best at school when they feel safe, loved, cared for and valued.

- The School’s holistic approach to learning is reflected in the care and nurture provided for students. Our Pastoral Care programs support the academic, spiritual, physical, aesthetic, cultural, social and emotional needs of the child. The School sees individual differences as a strength from which a strong School community is forged.

- Through the formative years of schooling, children acquire the skills to make life choices. The School provides guidance for students in making wise choices through programs that are age appropriate, promote responsible decision making and reflect the values of a Christian world view.

- All relationships within the School should be characterised by courtesy, grace and understanding. This forms the basis for the caring community that is The Illawarra Grammar School. When relationships are damaged through poor decision-making, the example of grace and forgiveness set by Christ is used as our model in promoting the restoration of relationships in ways that are just and fair.

- As the School Community cares for each of its members, so it seeks for its students to be caring of others in the wider community. Through the knowledge and understanding of Christian love, compassion and justice, students will be supported to become active participants in society and wise architects of the future.