House System

The ‘House’ system at TIGS is an integral part of the School’s Pastoral Care and Welfare Program for Years 7 to 12. Students will represent their houses in competition in the Swimming Carnival, Cross-country Carnival, Athletics Carnival, The Great Race and the Music and Dance Competition just to name a few.

There are four Houses at TIGS:


When students enrol at TIGS they are placed in one of these houses and they remain with that house throughout their time at the School.

Our records indicate that in 1959, when the School commenced with students in Kindergarten through to Year 5, they were placed in three houses: Kingsley, Wilberforce and Shaftesbury. We do not know the colours of these houses.

We also don’t know what happened between 1959 and 1968. The Shell Shield records that the winning house in the period 1958 to 1971 was Farrer, one of the three houses in the Senior School. The names and colours of these houses are not known. A fourth house, Mawson was added in 1970. Two new houses, Sturt house (Yellow) and Hume House (Green), were created in the Junior School in 1968.

All this was changed in 1973 when the current houses of Aranda (Yellow), Coligan (Blue), Kogara (Red) and Wolgal (Green) were created.

Since 1973, the record is much clearer. The Shell Shield was donated to the School by the Shell Company and first awarded in 1961 to Wilberforce House. All available space on the original shield was used up by 1993. The original shield is now the centre part of the now much larger shield, also donated by the Shell Company, which was first won by Coligan in 1994.