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From humble beginnings, where 28 students sat in the Sunday School Hall of St Mark’s Anglican Church, in February 1959 – TIGS now has over 900 students from Pre-Preparatory to Year 12. This long-term expansion is only possible because of the leadership and strategic vision of the School Council.

The School Council is not involved with the day-to-day activities of the School, but rather ensure that the overarching policies and frameworks are rigorous and accountable. The majority of Council members are elected by the Synod and have a wide range of experience in professional and community leadership. The Most Reverend Kanishka Raffel, Archbishop of Sydney, presides over School Council as President, with Professor Tony Okely as the Chair leading the regular activities of School Council.

TIGS School Council is the driving force behind the School’s growth and progress and has developed a Strategic Vision to take us through to 2022. It is a wonderful example of collaboration involving staff, students, parents and friends. An extensive survey process and stakeholder focus groups helped inform the outcome.

The keen involvement of our community was crucial to the preparation of our Strategic Vision for TIGS, and represents the desires and aspirations of the whole TIGS community.

School Council


Prof. Tony Okely

Tony was appointed to the School Council in 2012. He is married with three children, their eldest gradu... Read more

Deputy Chair

Mrs Catherine Kirby

Catherine has served on TIGS School Council since 2016. She is a member of the TIGS Property Sub-Com... Read more


Mr Paul Vassallo

Paul is a skilled finance and accounting professional with extensive experience in several industries including tertiary edu... Read more

Board Member

Mrs Nicole Sullivan

Nicole has worked in manufacturing, engineering design and construction environmental management. She holds a Bach... Read more

Board Member

Mr David Langley

David is a member of the School Council with a professional engineer with extensive experience in project manage... Read more

Board Member

Dr Kimberley Davis

Dr Kimberley Davis is a TIGS Alumna, graduating in 2004. She subsequently studied a Bachelor of Science (Hons I) Advanced and a PhD, both majoring in.... Read more

Board Member

Mr Roger Summerill OAM

Roger joined School Council in 1998 and was elected Chairman in 2000. He has held se... Read more


Mr Samuel Jones

Samuel has served on TIGS School Council since 2020 and is the current Chair of TIGS Property Sub-Committee. Samuel attended TIGS as a student in the senior ... Read more


Rev. Anthony Douglas

Anthony has served in ordained ministry since 2006, and particularly in the Wollongong Region since 2009. Read more


Rev. Gary Eastment

Gary graduated from Moore College in 2002, with a ministry since then including leading churches in Sydney and on Campus at... Read more


Dr Louise Johnson

Louise was appointed to the School Council in 2023. Her two children commenced their journey at TIGS in prep in... Read more


TIGS has a comprehensive set of policies which provide a clear understanding of how all members of our School community are expected to interact and care for each other. These policies are also an important part of the requirements of the NSW Education Act and the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards. For more information or to view other policies please contact the Compliance Manager. TIGS is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act.



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